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Filthspitter formed in January 2013 after the disbanding of:

Crom Cruach (Black metal) -- Cathalstropic, Kradmar, Nocternia
Slegna-kra (Pagan metal) -- Kradmar, Cathalstrophic
Cider Zombies (Punk) -- Slaine

Crom Cruach was formed in Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in July 2005 by founding members Cathalstrophic (Vocals) and Kradmar (Guitar).

Drummer Nocternia joined in 2008, which lead to the recording of the demo album "Narcotic Death". This album was self-produced and released in the subsequent year. The sound was raw and much akin to early Black Metal.

In 2010 writing began on their second album, "Awaken in Darkness" - an 8 track album with a more mature, accomplished sound. The album was recorded by Shay's Studio in Loughrea, Co. Galway. As well as being a talented sound engineer, Shay Leon provided an amazing working environment to record in, producing an album of top sound quality without compromising on atmosphere. On 26th August 2011 recording was completed.

In April 2012 Slegna-kra was formed after the disbanding of Crom Cruach, and as a side project by Kradmar and Cathalstrophic. The aim was to capture the spirit of old Irish stories and histories whilst still keeping the atmosphere of old school Black Metal. That same year saw Slegna-kra release "This is the Age", recorded by Kradmar and mastered by Shay Leon.

After years of lost contact Kradmar unexpectedly met up with Slaine on the set of The History Channel's Vikings television series in 2012. The following year Filthspitter was formed with Slaine on drums. This line up brought about a more experimental sound to the group, taking influence from early punk and black metal. Song writing began in January 2013.
The 8 track self-recorded demo album "Demo-Cracy" was finished on 20th February, though never released. Their first full album "Recipe for Recession" was written, recorded and released in November 2013.

2014 saw the band's sound changing so it was decided to return to their original name, Crom Cruach, and so work began on "Rebirth Through the Blackend Crust of Doom". This was to be a double album with the first half heavy, almost doom-like. The second half was acoustically driven and experimenting with shamanism. Lyrics and vocals are kept on a minimised, simplistic basis with the music being rhythmic and entrancing.

2014 brought Cathalstrophic's departure, and album releases for Filthspitter and Kradmar. Filthspitter released their second album "Stand the Fuck Up", with Kradmar and Slaine both contributing to the vocals. This album takes inspiration from early hardcore/punk bands like Black Flag, Bad Brains and Crass‘ do-it-yourself approach, going so far as to make a return to self-production.
Kradmar's first solo album, entitled "Genocide 2014", is a haunting Drone-Doom collection of tracks, featuring bass organ and minimalist drums.

After over a year’s break Cathalstrophic returned in 2015 to complete the resurrection of Crom Cruach. Their sound altered giving it a more aggressive and upfront edge, more akin to the chaos of 70’s punk than to modern Black Metal, placing it between early Venom and The Sex Pistols, with a dash of Mayhem on the side. The title of their first album, post-reunion, "Defilers of the Noise" is a reflection of this new direction. Little time was wasted in getting the album written and recorded, again employing the services of Shay Leon for recording and mastering. The completed work was released in December.

2015 also saw Kradmar release his second solo album, "A Gift for the Shadows". It is an eclectic mix of haunting black/doom metal, with an old school DIY approach, evident in Kradmar's self-recording and production.

February 2016 brought with it a new release from Filthspitter. Titled "Terminal Intentions", it is a more personal album from Kradmar and Slaine, again both contributing on vocals. It was written as a biography of their life experiences and social values, about overcoming, surviving and growing. The music journeys from folky protest through to hardcore punk, ultimately taking it beyond its base genres.

2016 also brought a wave of sound experimentation with it. The creation of Defiled Noise Inc. facilitated this, allowing Cathalstrophic, Kradmar and Slaine to produce an album very unlike their previous work. This resulted in the release of "Digitalization" in November of the same year.

Late 2016 also saw the departure of Cathalstrophic from all of the bands' line-ups. Kradmar and Slaine continued work into the New Year when Danny Ferguson was invited to join. Kradmar would now become the band's vocalist and bassist, with Danny taking lead guitar. The fresh injection into the group reinvigorated not only the band's sound but the entire working atmosphere - diving into album production with renewed energy and enthusiasm. "Pisschorded Future" was released mid-2017 on CD only, until it's full digital release in October. Listeners described hearing influences from Pil (particularly Lydon's vocals) and Killing Joke.