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Gang of Tolstoy


Manufacturers of Music for the Savant-Garde:

• new music
• classical
• experimental
• electro-acoustic
• electronic.


DISCOGRAPHY: Music for Galleries & Museums (2011); No Place Like Happy; Urban Space; Viola by the Window; Ghetto Blaster; Beau Monde; I LOVE DJ.



Music for Galleries & Museums
Gang of Tolstoy/Luigi Monteferrante

Manufacturers of Musique for the Savant-Garde, Gang of Tolstoy has once again transformed itself to produce an album that objectifies abstract art into experimental chamber music, or rather, chambers of music that are, in effect, galleries displaying works as per soundscape title with Fukushima, Mon Amour and The Day We Left Earth dramatically prophetic, but also celebratory as in Our Song 105 and J Project.

Tune in. Space out. Preview & Download at:


GANG OF TOLSTOY: No Place Like Happy

On International Workers Day, 1st May 2009, our debut album: No Place Like Happy.

Drawing from a broad range of sources, including contemporary classical music, electro-acoustic, minimalism, ambient, NO PLACE LIKE HAPPY celebrates time & technology: past, present & future: the mad march of history in Stalingrad-Berlin Express, or in an entirely different mode, China 2021. From the minimalist, yet celebratory, L.A. to the crackle-and-pop automata of Magazine, No Place Like Happy fires "broad spectrum of emotive dopamine and cerebral adrenaline." (GOT)


Our second album, URBAN SPACE, is a more adventurous projection into hyper-space; erected on the foundations laid in our first album, its ambient, experimental, and electro-acoustic waves power listeners through the multi-verse to aural heaven.

GANG OF TOLSTOY: Viola by the Window

For our third, VIOLA BY THE WINDOW, we looped in a warped time-machine and rematerialized in the Baroque. Featuring a full-blown string section and pianoforte, the sonatas and concertos have left us, in primis, stupefied by its force, romance & coloratura - a bloodred wine drunk in the darkest forest with the palest of vamps or vampires.

Our SOUNDS LIKE SUMMER SERIES featured two albums:

GHETTO BLASTER, a piano & bass-fueled collection of power-funky tunes;

I LOVE DJ, a techno-hypnotique dance mix that will alter your synapses and get your groovers moving.

And for the Fall:

BEAU MONDE is an electro-acoustic journey across the Northern Continent:- think Berlin and Warsaw 1973 on a rainy November afternoon.


Members are: Tatiana, Ivan, Mikhail, 123, Luigi. We are balladeer, physicist, cousin of cosmonaut, weightlifter, chemist. We meet in New York City many days ago. We come together in laboratory and sometimes garage of underground parking of uncle of chemist who is manager there. We do this because sound is special. Ambiance, not very. We love New York City too much. Help us stay by supporting us. Listen to our music. To buy, you must not wait. We burn frequencies. Turn on. Tune in. Enjoy the music we manufacture for MIR. That signifies the world. If you do not visit us in concert, that is okay. We do not like very much live concert. Glenn Gould, also, don't like to play in direct. We hope you forgive us this mistake. Now, please, sit down, relax and join Tatiana and Boris and the rest of the gang for a musical journey because there is No Place Like Happy but very much Music for Galleries & Museums, but what...?

You wish to know more INFO?


How we came to America?

Tatiana, she is the smart cookie, so she get herself married to professor. She is also professor. And when she visit it was for exchange. Then she have baby. And everything was fine until she was not happy anymore. She loves her family and her family say to her: your home is your home, Tatiana. The problem is the Tatiana who go away before is no more the same female. And when every time she scream: you drive me crazy, her brother or the other brother, they say each time: yes, Tati, we drive you. Where you wish to go? And so on and on.

Ivan is athlete. Weights he lifts so we like him to put down and put up into van our personal computers and cello and keyboards. We have van, yes. It is black outside and inside there is red fur and velvet with gold. It is good to sleep when you travel from state to state. The police officers stop us each time. They ask documents, passport. We are honest persons, Officer Brady. The law is the law. No two ways. You have a nice day with yourself, too, sir. I say Ivan. He is depressive. The cause: he applied for Important International Competition I do not publicize and the judges say no to him. He is friendly with staff in ever locale we go. A man of the people.

123 admits nothing. He speaks not. He reads every time. From night to morning. Morning to night. Books, books, and more books. I see that his favorite is the Master and he has same hair and beard. A funny guy to bring to party, yes?

Mikhail is an amateur astronomer. And astrologer. We met him in the subway tunnel at home when he put table and sat behind a ball of glass to tell the destiny of people running into subway train. He say: an opportunity will pass you by. And then after much time, he added: but another opportunity, more bigger, will come. He say: you will a voice, and the voice will speak to you, and you will understand nothing, and then you will understand, and the decision you must choose will be clear. Why he never becomes cosmonaut? Iam afraid to fly, he said to me one afternoon during a mismatch of vodka and song.

Luigi makes the coffee.



Gang of Tolstoy would like to thank FL Studio - Image Line for their generous support and substance. FL Studio aka FruityLoops is a full-featured, open-architecture music creation and production environment for PC & Intel Macs running Bootcamp and is the best DAW/Virtual Studio in space.