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George Bowley and Laurie Dupuis

When George Bowley first heard a Les Paul and Mary Ford multiple guitar and vocal recording back in 1950, he made it a life’s goal to learn how to play the guitar in that style and to master the recording processes that Les used to create this fascinating sound. It took years of practicing, dissecting and characterizing every one of his records and arrangements, making hundreds of trial-and-error recordings of his own - and spending valuable time with Les Paul himself - to finally be able to recreate his exact same recording style.

In 1997, after listening to George and Laurie's album, Les Paul had stated that they were "the only people he had ever heard in his lifetime who had exactly duplicated the sound that he and Mary (Ford) had back in the 1950’s." Later, in his home in Mahwah, NJ, Les later told George that he considered him as his technical equal. Well… almost… he quickly added with a smile.

George had personally known Les Paul since 1951. They first met through correspondence when George was still in High School, and when Les was busy recording with Mary Ford back in Hollywood. It was Les and Mary who, in 1955, provided George with his much-needed "permission to drink coffee certificate", required by upperclassmen when he was a Plebe at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Throughout these many years, George continued his association with Les through frequent visits to his studio home in Mahwah, NJ; meetings at various clubs and events where he was performing; and by sharing each other’s knowledge. Les was particularly interested in George’s Patent of a Fiber Optic Guitar, and George was intensely interested in learning as much as he could about Les’ recording processes, equipment and guitar playing techniques. Their exchanges over the years fostered a lifetime of friendship and mutual respect for each other.

Laurie Dupuis is George’s youngest daughter and was only five years old when she was first featured on a commercial record release. She started her formal voice training in high school and then began recording commercial music and radio-TV jingles in their studio, including their first album “The Hits of Les Paul and Mary Ford” that was distributed internationally by the Hal Leonard Publishing Company. She entered James Madison University to pursue a degree in music; but then realized her calling in the field of mental health. Laurie is now a licensed Clinical Psychologist and is now practicing in the Northern Virginia area.

Laurie has a natural musical talent and timing instinct for recording multiple voice tracks and for creating flowing background vocal harmonies for all of their song arrangements. Her radio-listening fans have continuously commented on the sweetness and clarity of her voice - as evidenced by her vocal recordings being offered here on-line.

George and Laurie still record their music using modern digital computer workstations combined with earlier analog tape multi-track capabilities. They are both longtime Grammy Voting Members of The Recording Academy (formerly The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences). George has been recently honored as a Lifetime Member by The Academy. They have recently decided to join the world of indie music and are now busy recording a number of creative new arrangements of old and new song favorites in the multiple guitar and vocal styling reminiscent of Les and Mary's groundbreaking achievements in the field of overdubbing and multi-track recording.