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Georgios Anamateros

Georgios Anamateros, alias Anamateur, is frequently described as a jazz comedian with a well hidden melancholic side. A pianist, vocalist and songwriter, he manages to produce haunting love lyrics and melodies combined with acute social and political satire, concerning (mainly, but not exclusively) his homeland, Greece.

He is the author of four jazz plays so far: "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" (premiered in 2009, completed in 2012 and 2013), "To Pirulita with love" (premiered in 2018), "A certainty blossomed in the heart of the Enlightened Tyrant(-ess)" (premiered in 2019), "Dedicated to Joanna A.P." (premiered in 2020). Right now the fifth one is being prepared: "12 callumniated victims in search of an honnest lawyer" (scheduled for 2022).

The list of his accomplices includes some of Athens and Lisbon jazz scenes' more distinguished artists: Marta Hugon, Priamos Morakis, Mario Franco, Periklis Trivolis, Terry Vakirtzoglou, Eduardo Lala, Kostas Konstantinou, Vasilis Panagiotopoulos, Anthony Wheeldon, Manos Loutas, George Kostopoulos, Bruno Pedroso plus young and talented Monique Kabasele.

A civil engineer in "real" life, Anamateros found it appropriate to name his musical formations "Anamateur and the Pros". When not presenting subversive jazz plays, you will find Anamateur & the Pros playing songs of such musical heros as Fats Waller, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Tom Jobim, Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk.