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Geraldine Hemmings

Geraldine Hemmings

Geraldine Hemmings received an honors degree in theology from the Pontifical University, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland, and studied journalism and media in Brussels, Belgium. She worked with newspapers and on radio before being assigned to Bosnia as a correspondent in 1995 – a time she describes as life-changing. During her time there, she also worked with Carrie Swearingen, a writer from Chicago. They co-authored the European best-selling book As She Asks by Fr. Jozo Zovko, which was published in seven languages. All proceeds went to children orphaned by war.

Under the direction of Fr. Slavko in Medjugorje, and at the invitation of Sr. Elvira, Geraldine spent time with Comunità Cenacolo in Spinetta, Italy. She also spent several months with friends of the community in Milan and considers her time with the community and the families who support it, as a time of great grace. In the words of Sr. Elvira, "If we learn to lean on Him, if we entrust ourselves to Him, we will be better people, more joyful and alot more able to love each other."

After her time in Bosnia, Geraldine worked as an editor at National Catholic Register. Following her time there, she took up her position as a field correspondent for Food for the Poor. While there, she also produced and edited a radio program that was broadcast on more than 40 stations of the National Christian Broadcasting Network.

Her focus has always been on putting a human face on the suffering and needs of less fortunate people throughout the world. Down through the years, she has dedicated her time to helping nonprofits. Her work in each organization has focused on the areas of communications and development.

Her most important role though, she says, is being a wife and mother. She describes this as her “God-given mission ” and one, where she says that along with God, she can effect change at the most basic level.