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Grace Gravity

Dream Analog by Grace Gravity

Recorded to tape (analog), mixed and mastered to tape.
Formats: 180 gram vinyl + CD + Mp3s

About 4 years ago I finally got it — "HOW" you record your music is maybe the most important thing of all. The only choice was to record analog when I heard the difference and understood clearly what WAS different. Something had been missing from my 7 previous releases (all digital). I did not know what that was.

As luck would have it we found a time machine and created an Analog Recording Studio in our home. It took a year to find the equipment and put it together to start recording.
I can tell you one thing — it's a lot of work but worth it. I came to understand at a deeper level what sound does and IS and my part in getting these songs out there. I also am well aware of the amazing ability of creation to put people together to create as without Brian David Hardin's knowledge of this equipment it would not have happened as it did.

Sound does matter, in fact it may create reality in a way we have not previously been aware of.

The power of music is truncated when recorded digitally. It’s as if the music's wings are clipped. The whole sound wave is not recorded and the complete feeling is not conveyed. If digital recording is changing or leaving out parts of the waveform it is changing the feeling. Digital is useful but not the only way to record. I guess digital recording, it could be said,is for a different purpose than analog recording in some ways.

Analog recording reflects more of the dimensions in the music than digital recording can.
More dimensions = more feeling. Feeling cannot be transmitted as well digitally for the obvious reasons.

The album is about being and living analog. Trees, nature, our interior sense of self (interiority) ... are analog. Analog is real, or as close to real as you get.

Dreaming can be an active practice.
Living can be an active presence or prayer or intention.
May we wind ourselves out of this square wave universe that has come up around us and return to the true full wave forms of ourselves.

About Musical Influences —
The music I heard growing up fed me and at times saved me from dark shallow places I could've been trapped by. You could feel more from the music over the radio then and messages from the music really were impactful. You wonder why so much of the music from that time is still relative and popular? Part of it is because of HOW it was recorded. It's because of how it feels.

The vibes that many artists were able to pull through then and send out were and are stunning feats of consciousness. The songs that had “it” pointed me in the right direction early on. That feeling and the space, like a light seen through a fog, is precious to me. There's something in the fullness of analog recordings that is like real healthy food. A whole sonic meal that resonates your being. You get the whole wave form of feeling. There is a connection.

When you listen to really good music it sinks in and creates a space for you. Real present music changes you. It feeds you and gives you a platform to think about things beyond the stresses of "every day" life.

*I once had a dream where I met myself in a parallel reality.
She/I said, “I’ve already created all the songs, I’m just sending them to you.” Now that's interesting!

Recorded at 432Hz. Now that's a whole other universe of information. More to come on that. You can check out the website to learn more