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Gretchen Van Auken

I like to communicate through the language of my heart---to create and play music that is fluid yet anchored, capable of evoking deep emotion, inspiration, and balance. I want to use that music the way healers use their hands, by offering soothing enjoyable songs to becalm those who are listening. I focus on the way our feeling natures seek to live in accord with heaven and earth.

I began to study piano when I was five years old and continued with lessons in piano and music theory for many years. I realized that when I listened to my heart and to the world around me, I wanted to express the feelings that emerged through music I created. I let what I heard guide me and consequently discovered the themes that have become the templates for many of my piano pieces.

My lifestyle is private, self sufficient, and rural. I spend a lot of time in the garden and in nature. My performances are infrequent and intimate, mostly given in my small music room where listeners can more fully sense all that I want to share. I am deeply gratified when I see the effect of my music on listeners. I want to convey that same sense of intimacy through my recordings.

I value the beauty and mystery of life and deliberately try to keep my life and my tempos slow and focused, heeding the duality that life presents.

I generally prefer to listen to music with all of my sensibilities fully engaged. Yet I also appreciate the value of using music for ambience, to provide calming tones that hover in the background while attention is focused elsewhere.

Music and nature both teach me many lessons about how to live in harmony. To read more of my thoughts about this please visit my website: