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Grey is a singer-songwriter from El Reno, Oklahoma. Grey is the pseudonym of Greg Perkins. His music blends the alternative, psychedelic, progressive, and acoustic stylings of bands such as The Beatles, the Doors, Rush, Yes and Pink Floyd to create a very unique and distinctive rock and pop sound. He has released the following CDs: Through Time, Dark Doorway, Inquire Within, Ice World, Words & Music, Anamnesis, Rock & Pop, Colours, Faded Colours I, Faded Colours II, and these now out-of-print recordings: Grey's Christmas Memories, Live at Pegasys, and Acoustic Grey. Grey began writing songs in 1981. He played in local cover bands in the OKC area and then played in the band Elixir playing only original music. Elixir's biggest gig was opening for Ritchie Havens at the Myriad in 1982. Grey later played in the band Blithering Idiots and in the band Cultural Wasteland while living in Germany in the late 80′s and early 90′s.

During the original "Colours" recordings, Grey lived in Toulouse, France, having teamed up with Yvan “Doc” Mirouse and J.C. Nogues. They needed an English vocalist for their Milo project and Grey needed a band to record his "Colours" CD. In the summer of 1993 at Studio Queenriver and Filataires’ Cellar, Grey and “Doc” recorded and mixed Colours. Colours was originally released on in March of 2000.

Due to the success of Colours, Grey decided in February of 2001 to release his musical evolutionary albums Faded Colours I and II, songs that were written previous to Colours (1981 – 1992) and aside from “Farewell to Arms” and Song of a Broken Glass” the tracks were recorded while Grey lived in Landstuhl, Germany.

In the summer of 2001 and Grey once again living in the US, television producer, Timothy Eck, offered to record a half-hour television special on Grey, entitled “Introducing Grey” for television station, PEGASYS. Grey teamed up for the first time with Zane Davis (bass), Jason Harbour (guitar), and Mikey Harbour (drums)to record live versions of “Joyous Occasion,” “It’s You And I,” and “In The Spring of Youth I Died” from the Colours album, along with three songs from the then upcoming album Rock & Pop, entitled “Dying in Denial,” “Addiction,” and “Stop the Car.” The performance was also released as a CD, Live at Pegasys that is now out of print.

Enjoying the success of the first television special, Grey allowed D. Lang into the studio for the filming of a television series “Grey: The Rock & Pop Sessions.” The series premiered April 8th, 2002. What followed was the evolution of an album and the drama and humor involved during the original recording of the 2002 release Rock & Pop.

The songs on Rock & Pop were written between 1995 to 2001. Grey played bass, rhythm guitar, and sang lead vocals. The album also featured the piano solos of Stephen Harwood, the guitar solos of Jason Harbour, the percussive talents, keyboard playing and synthesizer of Mikey Harbour.

Jerry Patterson, engineered and sang harmony vocals and helped produce the album at his Champagne Studios. Jerry Patterson would die, quite young, at the age of 55, in the summer of 2005.

On August 1st, 2002, Grey was nominated as artist of the week, and given airplay and a live radio interview on 104.7 KUAL. During this interview Grey & Jason Harbour spoke of their music and all contributors to the latest album, Rock & Pop. “This is the time, This is the Place,” “Walking Today,” and “Sex Is…” were played during the interview. Copies of Rock & Popwere given away to lucky winners. D. Lang, the official webmaster and photographer for Grey was there to document it.

Grey’s music videos had not aired on television until after this interview. “This is the Time, This is the Place” premiered on the 3rd of August 2002, on KXOK, the sister television station to KUAL radio. The full video collection later won Best Music Video at the 2003 Bare Bones International Film Festival, and aired on stations in New York City, Buffalo, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Hollywood, as well as PEGASYS.

The now out of print album, Acoustic Grey, featured the live acoustic recordings of Grey and Jason Harbour at the 2002 “A Fling at the Springs” Acoustic Music Festival at Government Springs Park. The performance also aired on October 14th on PEGASYS.

Following the award of Best Music Video at Bare Bones Grey was invited back to KUAL, where he premiered “S.P.R.” from Anamnesis and “Some Days I Don’t Want To,” the Faded Colours track remake.

In the winter of 2003 at his newly built Grey Havens Studios with fellow musicians Jason Harbour, Mikey Harbour, Patrick Costello, and Mark Dorman, Grey completed the recording of Anamnesis, his concept album following the lives of a family across 65 years. Dave Skinner of 3 Legged Monkey assisted Grey in the mastering of his new material.

With’s demise, all albums before Anamnesis became out of print. This gave Grey the opportunity to re-record Rock & Pop, Faded Colours I & II, and Colours with different musicians: Jason Harbour, Mikey Harbour, Steve Harwood, and Kevin Bunch at his new Grey Havens Studio.

“Joyous Occasion” was featured in Liquid Wind, a windsurfing and kiteboarding documentary, edited by D. Lang. The documentary, that aired thrice on OETA, was an official selection of the 2004 Bare Bones International Film Festival, Digital Independent Film Festival, and Dead Center Film Festival.

On April 7th, 2006, Grey and Jason Harbour did an interview with Clint and Will at “The Rock” 97.5 Alva/Kiowa classic rock radio station. They played several songs from Anamnesis and Rock and Pop.

In July 2006, two years after recording began at Grey Havens Studios, Grey finished his sixth studio album, Words & Music. The album is currently distributed by and available for download on such services as iTunes. Phantom Music Reviews described Grey as having, “a psychadelic vibe” and “unlike any other rock band you will hear.” The Plastic Ashtray, an independent zine in the UK reviewed the entire album: “Steeped in classic reference points ‘Words & Music’ mixes classic American rock sounds together with the arrangements of The Beatles.” In October 2006, Grey set two personal records on, reaching 10,000 total plays and 5,000 fans.

On November 8th, 2006, D. Lang returned to Enid to film Grey, Jason Harbour, and Mikey Harbour as they performed acoustic versions at Dave Skinner's Db Studios of Grey’s songs, spanning a 20 year history of songwriting. Videos were posted on youtube for fans to enjoy. Meanwhile, by 2007, Grey’s fanbase exploded on myspace in both friends and plays.

In 2008, Acoustic Grey received an honorable mention at the Bare Bones Doc Fest, and had been nominated for Best Music Documentary. In 2009, shortly after the release of Ice World Grey’s commercial recording studio, Grey Havens Studios opened to the public. Grey was featured in E-Town magazine’s June 2009 issue:

•“In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy “The Grey Havens" was a place of rest and reflection used by the elves before they left Middle Earth,” Perkins said. It is also a play on words because it’s Grey’s haven, “my ultimate recording man-cave,” as Perkins described it. Perkins offers all musicians the use of his studio at less-than-normal studio rates. Additionally he offers it to the general public for family oral history projects, modeled on National Public Radio’s Story Corps project. “I’m passionate about music in general,” Perkins says. I’d like to write the best song I have in me. I don’t know if I’d ever know when I did however. It’s not the end; it’s the journey that makes the experience.”

"Inquire Within" is the 9th studio album. It was begun in June 2009 and was released on the 14th of September 2010. It features Steve Harwood, Mikey Harbour, Dave Skinner, and Mily Aragonez. It is the 9th studio album. “Like most of my CD’s it is a collection of songs over a one to two year period. As the songs came together I found a common theme kept emerging. This often happens and the theme this time around was the idea of looking within oneself and questioning oneself as to what you believe or feel and why you believe or feel that way. I almost never set out with a theme in mind. It just seems to happen.” said Grey, in a recent interview.

"Dark Doorway" was released on 14 June 2013. A darker album with many themes to match it's dark feel. It has six videos to accompany it as Grey created "Grey Way Film Studios Production Company". Please look for more new videos to be released as each new Grey album comes out. "Another few years, three to be exact, have passed. As I get older I keep trying to explore new areas in life and these areas get explored and often come out as songs. They chronicle a slice of time and a way of thinking for me at the period in which they were written. These songs are really just an open diary of my life, some more personal than others, yet open at the same time. Some people post things on Facebook. I write songs that pertain to my frame of mind concerning idea’s and/or cultural events in the world and I hope others can relate to them. In the end I would like people to listen to the words and the music and say, “You know I feel that way also.” or “You know I don’t feel that way but I see what he’s getting at.” And I’m sure some will say, “You know this guy is whacked and needs some help.” I’m certain there are a few out there saying that for sure !" ,stated Grey, in a recent studio interview.

"Through Time" is the 10th studio album by Grey. Released in August of 2014, it covers songs that have been written in the past by Grey but not recorded and also new material. It begins in 1982 for the opening three songs when Greg "Grey" Perkins was in a band called Elixir. It jumps to 1989 for the next song where Grey worked with friend John Hill. Then it's on to 1994 for two songs and 1996 for one song that just never made earlier Grey albums. It continues to 2001 for the last of the past un-recorded songs. Grey teams up with Jason Harbour to write a tribute song to Layne Staley entitled "Hell Within". Grey has now recorded everything he has written with "Through Time". The remaining six songs are new songs from 2014. There are also 13 videos that were made for this album and they can be seen on this and other Grey websites.

"Booze and Psychedelics" is the 11th studio album by Greg "Grey" Perkins. It was released on 31 December 2016. It was written about, and sometimes while I was partaking in, ”Booze and Psychedelics”. The subject matter of the songs covers everything from what we think or dream about in our everyday lives, to the memories of my past and all the way to sci-fi themes. The album will be followed with videos so that both the music and the image of what I was thinking when these songs were written, and later recorded, could be heard and seen by all. One departure on this album is that I took four poems by D. L. Lang and put music to them in a medley-type of format. It is the song entitled “Oh, My Chameleon Perceptions” after the title of one of the poems. I am very pleased with it and hope everyone will search out her poetry and enjoy it as I have. The videos mentioned above will be done at Grey Way Film Studios which is what I call the video making part of Grey Havens Recording Studios. Thanks for watching and listening, Greg "Grey" Perkins. Enjoy !!