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Gwyneth Whistlewood the Feral Flute

Gwyneth has played, listened to and studied music most of her life. After some years of classical training and several initials added to the end of her name, she ran wild and started playing her own music, stealing bits and pieces from folk, jazz, Native American, Celtic and Middle Eastern music.
Over time various flutes have become attached to her. The Concert Transverse Flute is her 1st love while the Alto Flute sounds hauntingly dark. The Glass Flutes sparkle and wink and the Baroque Flute sounds distant but clear as bells of the fey. Her Little, Middle and Big Whistle trio came along as a group and the Diatonic Rim-Blown Flute (loosely based on the Ancestor Pueblo Flute) sounds most at home in the woods on wild breezy days.
She and her flutes wander and make music with audiences or in the underbrush as the fit takes her.