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Hans Christian

HANS CHRISTIAN- Musician of the heart

Throughout his life as a composer, performer, and producer, German born Hans Christian has been inspired to come up with music that induces relaxation and introspection, soul meditation and melancholic passion. The cello has served perfectly as his voice of expression and it has spoken in so many different ways since his first release of original music in 1988 under the title "Signals from Unterland".

Starting out at age nine as a student of classical music with cellist Ulrich Haussdoerfer, Hans developed an interest in music that went beyond the classical repertoire. He was drawn to free improvisation, especially in his father's Gothic church, where the acoustics of the church played an important role in developing his musical ear. As a fourteen year old, Hans started playing the bass guitar and continued to develop as a musician on both instruments. In 1982 he moved from Hanover, Germany to Hollywood, USA to study at Musicians Institute and pursue a career as a musician in the Los Angeles music scene and ended up performing and recording with a variety of celebrities, including Robbie Robertson, Gene Clarke, John Waite, Sparks, Billy Idol, and members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

While his first release of original music was still very raw and experimental, it served its purpose in blasting open the doors of creative expression, and he quickly set out to refine his sound on Hypnotized, released in 1989. This project started to resonate with audiences, and it definitely showed Hans’ style as a composer and artist. Two more titles quickly followed with Phantoms, released in 1993 on the Mexican Lejos Del Paraiso label, and Surrender, released in 1996, which caught the ear of John Diliberto who gave it a very generous review in Billboard magazine and who played it extensively on his nationally syndicated radio show Echoes.

In 1998 Hans met Washington DC based singer Kim Waters and together they started to record music under the name RASA and signed up with the Hearts Of Space label for three CDs (Devotion, Union, In Concert), followed by three more releases on New Earth Records (Shelter, Temple Of Love, Saffron Blue). Several national tours were undertaken between 2001 and 2006 and these concerts as a duo seemed to have garnered lasting recognition. To this day, RASA fans around the world are treasuring the recordings of Kim and Hans.

In 2004 Hans released a CD of instrumental arrangements of Renaissance madrigals called Light & Spirit, followed by a cinematic project in 2007 called Cinema Of Dreams, a CD that continued in a similar vein of the aforementioned Surrender.

2008 opened a whole new musical chapter with an invitation by Wisdom University to perform at Chartres cathedral in France for a week long retreat. This invitation was extended five more times and afforded Hans rare opportunities to perform and record in the cathedral, in the ancient crypt and in an adjoining former monastery. Three CDs were recorded on location at Chartres: Sancta Camisia in 2008, Undefended Heart in 2010, and All Is Well in 2011. Hans also connected with internationally recognized teacher Andrew Harvey at Chartres who invited him to collaborate on a Rumi Symphony. This double CD was released in 2011 and features Andrew’s profound readings of Rumi and a captive musical score by Hans.

In 2012 a notable connection with Canadian slide guitarist and blues artist Harry Manx led to a recording project called You Are The Music Of My Silence and to several live performances around the country. In the same year, Hans joined the GuruGanesha Band for a number of extensive tours throughout North America, including the 2013 MantraFest tour with Deva Premal and Miten. Hans also produced a live CD for the GuruGanesha Band from this tour called Live In Concert.

In 2014 another solo CD called Hidden Treasures was released just in time for a West Coast tour with Tina Malia, followed by a fully orchestrated CD in 2015 on New Earth Records called Nanda Devi. 2016 saw the release of a compilation of select Hans cello performances by Sounds True called Moments Of Grace- the meditative cello music of Hans Christian.
Two more CDs were born in 2017, including Source- a deep sonic exploration into the world of gongs and tibetan bowls; and Be Love, a collaboration with superbly gifted singer Jim Beckwith.
As a producer and studio musician, Hans continues to work with artists in a variety of musical genres- from folk to chanting, experimental, and singer/songwriter. His musicality as performer, producer, and engineer has been captured on over 120 recording projects. Multiple soundtrack projects include recent contributions to the Sundance channel show ‘Rectify’.

Musical releases by Hans Christian:
• BE LOVE/ with Jim Beckwith and Hans Christian (Allemande Music 2017)
• SOURCE/ A Sonic Immersion on Gongs and Tibetan bowls (Allemande Music 2017)
• MOMENTS OF GRACE (Sounds True 2016)
• NANDA DEVI (New Earth Records 2015)
• HIDDEN TREASURES (Allemande Music 2014)
• YOU ARE THE MUSIC OF MY SILENCE/with Harry Manx (Allemande Music 2012)
• RUMI SYMPHONY/ with Andrew Harvey (Allemande Music 2011)
• ALL IS WELL (Allemande Music 2011)
• UNDEFENDED HEART (Allemande Music 2010)
• SANCTA CAMISIA (Allemande Music 2008)
• CINEMA OF DREAMS (Allemande Music 2007)
• SAFFRON BLUE/RASA (New Earth Records 2007)
• TEMPLE OF LOVE/RASA (New Earth Records 2006)
• SHELTER/RASA (New Earth Records 2005)
• LIGHT & SPIRIT (New Earth Records 2004)
• IN CONCERT/RASA (Hearts Of Space 2003)
• UNION/RASA (Hearts Of Space 2001)
• DEVOTION/RASA (Hearts Of Space 2000)
• SURRENDER (Allemande Music 1996, remastered 2003)
• PHANTOMS (Allemande Music 1993, remastered 2003)
• HYPNOTIZED (Allemande Music 1989)
plus many collaborations with other artists…

Noteworthy concert appearances by Hans Christian:

• Repeat performances at ZMR Music Awards, New Orleans; various solo concerts
• BhaktiBlast concerts and workshops with Spring Groove, Germany (2017&2018)
• Chartres Cathedral, France, artist in residence with Wisdom University (2008-2015)
• six national tours with GuruGanesha Band (2012-2014)
• multiple national solo tours, including AmbiCon Fest 2013
• Mexico City and Satnam Fest Mexico with Mirabai Ceiba
• select concerts with Harry Manx (2011/2012)
• multiple appearances at Bhaktifest, Joshua Tree CA

• Multiple national tours with RASA
• European tour with Dave Stringer

• Select concerts with Krishna Das and Ira Stein
• Many solo concerts in California
• Solo appearances at festivals in Mexico City and Leon Gto.

• National tour with A Drop In The Gray
• National and international appearances with Victoria Williams
• Live and TV appearances with Sparks, John Waite, Billy Idol
• many concerts with many bands in Los Angeles

Recordings with other artists
• Robbie Robertson (self titled, 1987, Geffen Records)
• Toni Childs (self titled, 1987 A&M Records)
• Victoria Williams (Happy Come Home, 1986 Geffen Records)
• Gene Clarke and Carla Ohlson (1985)
• A Drop In The Gray (Certain Sculptures, 1985 Geffen)
• Krishna Das (Pilgrim Heart, 1999 Triloka Records)
• plus over 120 more CDs with a variety of artists from around the world • •