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Henry Higgins

Henry Higgins is a Christian artist from Australia that has a passion for sharing godly Christian music. His aim is to bring to the attention of the world the lost beauty that is seen in music that reflects the true godly principles of Christian music. Many people think that the term 'conservative' means boring, dry, lifeless, but it doesn't have to be so. Music should be awe inspiring, powerful yet so delicate, refined and appealing that it lifts their eyes above the earthly to the heavenly realms of glory. There music should be the medium to help them find peace, happiness and fulfillment in a Saviour that died and yet lives to redeem them. This is a glimpse of the philosophy of music that Henry holds to and it is seen in his music.

The music of Henry Higgins though didn't always hold this beauty. Henry received training in the Upper Hunter Conservatorium of Music in NSW, Australia, for 8 years and then afterwards 2 years of private training with the world-class pianist Ann O'Hearn. During this time he was mainly taught general classical, yet also learnt to play some of other genres such as jazz, ragtime, country, and some rock. He also received formal training in violoncello, and also reached high levels of playing in that field. Some other instruments he learnt later outside of the Conservatorium was guitar, piano/button accordion and trumpet.

As a young man of late teens, in 2006 he had dreams of becoming a famous musician and was working towards that stage. He was playing in concerts 5 or more times per year not only on piano but as lead cellist for the Upper Hunter Orchestra. God had other plans though for this young man. 2006 marked a dramatic change in direction, as the family sold their farm property and moved away, eventually to settle in Victoria. Not yet old enough to move out on his own, Henry's training and performance in music ceased and for the next year all training was stopped on piano and cello.

In 2008, whilst studying in a small missonary-training college in Victoria, Henry's unique style of hymn playing began to develop. It had been his thinking for some time that the 4-part harmony choral style hymn playing that he would often hear in church, was too boring, too rigid, too structured and he desired to 'break out of the box.' During this year he stopped playing and listening to the wrong kinds of music and he instead began focusing more on God's calling with his life and how to best glorify God in His music. As a result, God began to really bless him with his talent on the piano.

Yet, the journey didn't end here. In late 2009, another crossroads came up. One option was to pursue music studies full-time in Australia and thus kickstart the music career he had wanted for some time. Yet, through Providential circumstances he clearly felt the calling of God to train for pastoral ministry over in a college in USA. Again, following the Lord's leading he travelled to USA and began the 4 year Bachelor of Pastoral Evangelism in 2010. Although it seemed that a music life would never happen, God had other plans. While doing his studies opportunities kept coming up to use his music in sacred concerts, etc., and the Lord mightily blessed! Without much application to piano playing, it became clear to Henry that God was blessing him greatly in his playing and his unique hymn playing kept improving by the term! It was here that the complete development of his style of playing occurred and it was here that the very first opportunity to make an Album came up.

His first album, "Day by Day," was in many respects a complete miracle by God regarding how it came about. With 14 tracks, it was recorded and edited in the space of about 4 wks, yet most of the recording and editing took place in a 48-hr period. Studies and work as a college student were very heavy, so in that period of time there was not much time to work on the project. The night before the deadline to hand in the recordings all finished and edited had arrived, and about 70% of the recordings had been completed and edited. However, that night due to some software misunderstanding, nearly all of the completed recordings were wiped and Henry was left to redo most of what was done as well as do the last remaining recordings and edit them before the deadline the next morning. Being very tired from to many late nights leading up, some kind of miracle was needed if the album would ever be produced. Crying, Henry knelt down and asked the Lord to give him strength as he was literally too tired to record and edit anymore. Then, with the daunting task ahead of recording and editing more than half of the entire album for the next morning, he begins. By God's grace, exactly literally down to the last hour the recording and editing was completed, ready to be taken to the next stage of production. Looking back on the recordings that were done, the songs that were recorded that night are some of the most beautiful on the album! As Henry said, "God definitely inspired those songs as they are some of the most beautiful on the album." God most definitely can inspire people to write beautiful music, and that album "Day by Day" is a testimony to His power. Day by Day was released in June 2011.

The second album though (Near to the Heart), is also another powerful witness to how God can inspire mankind to perform godly inspiring music. Released March 2012, Near to the Heart contains 16 tracks of some of Henry's favorite hymns performed in the unique style that God has given him. Those who love the first album have come to love the second one even more, as it has a more complex sound to it, yet at the same time holding unto the simplicity and pathos that the first one brought out. It is another shining example of the style that relaxes you, lifts you up above this world and gives you a deeper experience with God.

This music has touched hundreds and hundreds of lives around the world and it has the potential to touch your life too. People think that music cannot communicate feelings or emotions to the listener, but surely it can and does even without you noticing it. May you be blessed as you experience music inspired by God to bring you closer to Him!


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