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About Hermieleo_Leol Williams and his Music

Hermieleo is the creative virtuosic pulse-beating, feet-stomping Music of Leol Williams that keeps you Dancing to the rhythm of your heart. Through the voices of Hermieleo, (virtual group) his songs are being heard.
As a rising innovative virtuoso song writer and composer, Mr. Williams skillful musical craft has brought him from the shores of Trinidad and Tobago to the streets of New York City. His song writing skills emerges a number of years ago after penning the winning song in a nationwide song competition.

His interest in music began at an early tender age. While the other kids would be running around playing, you’ll often find him listening (with his ear literary glued) to the radio learning the words of songs and singing along... By the time he was eight or nine without any musical training said Mr. Williams, he started attempting to write his own songs. As he later learned to play the guitar, he began experimenting and was able to successfully compose a number of songs of different genres. Subsequently, he will share his music with his teachers, they were so impressed that the school (Trinidad and Tobago School for the blind) began having music sessions, concerts and competitions.
He’ll write songs for many of the participant and those who would try writing their own, would seek his help in crafting their work. “Yes! I too will participate and be whipped with my own materials.” He said!
Leol’s compositions did not only won him awards but many hearts and souls over both known and unknown. Such Like being greeted by a gentleman unexpectedly after his performances at a church One Sunday, (while studying piano tuning in Vancouver, Washington USA) who told him, "You don't know me but I was there at church yesterday when you played the guitar and sang, and I just wanted to make sure I found you and let you know how much your music moved and touched me. You brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for your song."

Leol is a truly natural gifted song Writer-Composer who has an enormous pride with his craft. Even though he had the opportunity to participate in talent shows, perform with and among some of the greatest talents of his home land, entertain dignitaries and even released a couple of calypso music records, (One that comes to mind, [Ah taking it]) he came to quickly realize that is strength is not in his singing and playing or performing but in writing and composing music.
As he focuses on the creation of his composition: harmony, melody, lyrics and structure is being paid with greater attention. He also believes focusing on a specific genre is vital in lending its self to any gender in a wide range of vocal varieties and characteristics. When he isn’t glued to his computer or instruments crafting out the next New York City State of mind It's that time of Year or Caribbean Lady among the many great songs he has written, he spends time working on his very first novel (Did It Happen.) He is currently working as a professional piano tuner and has also written a few short poems.