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Originate from Germany, but born in Genève in 1965, Switzerland, he always lived close to the border from Swiss and France, he made regular School and learned on both sides, like the customs.
He began to study the piano from 11 in private, then went to the conservatory for progress with also musical history and analysis, later have studied a private modern school in Genève (ETM, Ecole des technologies musicales) that led him after 2 years to a Pro diplôma in 1995.

He discovered the Synthesizers alone by interest. and passion in the early eighties (First Machines, a Roland Juno 60, a real Wurlitzer Electric piano 200 (painted white in memory of Supertramp!), a Solina String machine and a little "Prophet" pro-one monophonic, this before a lot of gear changes.

Love Analog synths, and hot-sexy sound, like space and floating moods though it is far from limitations to his tastes. Had the chance to have a lot of gear for a while, that lead him to different tool discovery, like Korg MS20, Korg DW8000, T3, Wavestation, Roland SH-2000, Jx-3p, Juno 106, Jupiter 6 and even the mighty 8, Kawai K5000, Yamaha TG77, SY85.
Also had the chance to use a minimoog for a while, wonderful analog instrument, but to keep old gear in good use can unfortunately become an expensive task, but most of them happened to be trade and sold in the years of changes, also for these reasons.
In the meantime he continue to gather gear and the perfect instruments for his studio, that he rebuild many times, the latest disposition from 2 years is a nice place under the roof, so called "UndeRoof" studio, less analog gear unfortunately but some good virtual tools, softwares, a Mackie mixer, a rich choice of various manufacturer, like Ensoniq workstation, a Korg Z1 and R3, Roland JV and JD expanders, a JP8080 and a Sonic Core Minimax.
He still dreams to have an fine analog synth which could match them all, keep in tune, and work fine for years. But in another side he also loves the simplicity of the Piano, that he had the chance love and study for long years, leading him to some more freedom and improvisation possibilities.

From ending eighties he played with some bands around, Freelance, masterkey, Funk à l'arrach, that were more pop, Rock, Funk or soul music and these didn't became famous at the time, but it was surely a good playing live with a band school.
He also managed to work out some classical or french cover songs with singers more acoustic with piano, then otherwise record some keyboards moody atmospheres with percussions for audio-visuals.
So he began composing and arranging his own music in the mid nineties, a reflection of his influences beetween the seventies and eighties. It is something smooth and ambiant most of the time, with deep chords like themes or mélodies, and with bits of sound experiments here and there. Some long years passed before he decided finally to release the collection of all his works gathered all along this time.
Obssessed by sounds and music but this in the way to be cured by the time, this means he can be nterested in everything else outside, the music can lead also to universality.
Basically influenced by different pioniers of electronic music like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jarre, and berlin School like Pink floyd, and also other curents between ambiant and jazz, he just let these kind of sounds come through him in a natural manner. He is currently also teaching music, Piano and keyboards lessons, this for nearly 20 years along his composing.