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I You We Be

Vocals : Vivien Lee (China), Fjoralba Turku (Albania) , Beatrice Asare Lartey (Ghana, Austria), Tamara Hörbe Schwigon (Germany), Fulya Özlem (Turkey)
Sophia Diassamidze (Georgia), Gitti Khosravi (Iran)
Saxohones, Clarinets: Martin Fredebeul, Claudio Puntin
Bass: Andreas Henze
Cello: Barbara Mader
Guitars: Carsten von Stanislawski, Michael Rodach
Percussion: Phillip Kullen
Drums: Lucia Martinez, Sunk Pöschl
Viola: Raimund Eckertz
Accordion: Sindy Hübener
Piano, Flutes: Dorothea Mader


Originally one single song was composed, for which we were looking for a female singer.
After we published a small advertisement in the magazin "Zitty" many singers from different countries have been reading the adverstisement and applied. All have been coincidentally in Berlin at the same time.
At that moment, the idea was born to take advantage of all the fantastic different cultural influences for our music. We decided to produce many songs instead of only composing one song.
While people like to talk through the media about the differences of cultures, we personally have discovered our similarities. As a result our CD was created as a spontaneous cultural fusion, unplaned but not haphazard. We did not want to lose any time of connecting this unique opportunity of different musical traditions and wonderful performers and started right away with our studio work in Berlin.
There was a period of time in which we all felt: " Hell, this is a lot of work ". But with the help of the jazz musician Martin Fredebeul and others, our work find a happy end. And now the CD is produced, a CD which is not claimed by distributers for a certain genre. The CD is a soundtrack , a journey from China to Ghana, taking a detour from Georgia into the Center of Europe.