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Illustrate stepped on the Hip Hop music scene in 1995. Back in the days when KJ-52 was known as King J Mack and Mars Ill’s Manchild was beginning work with The Pride. In the Denver music scene, where Illustrate began, he was working with a local secular music label known as Kut-N-Kru Records. While working with this label Illustrate was mentored in his musical production by DJ Scratch G. Scratch G also taught him the basics of sound recording. The first few songs they recorded were on a ¼ in reel to reel which gave them a limited eight tracks to record with. Beats were produced on an Esoniq EPS. Although the set up was simple it built a foundation for Illustrate to create musically. During his two years with Kut-N-Kru Records, Illustrate released his debut solo effort entitled “Summons of a Soldier.” It was filled with a lot of heavy bass and synth harmonies. Because of the heavy bass, the album became well known in the Denver area amongst Christian rap fans. Very few releases from Christian rap artists contained the low bass levels that were featured on this release. During his timeframe, Illustrate began to promote his album in a magazine known as Underground Fire. This magazine was organized by West Coast Christian rap artist Fros’T. From this business relationship the two eventually became friends and Illustrate began visiting Los Angeles, CA. During these visits, the two would perform at out reaches and record music. Illustrate eventually was featured on Fros’T’s sophomore album “Life Long Journey.” He and friend Dent were featured on the song, “All the Kings Men.” In 1999, Illustrate released his sophomore release “Focus.” This release symbolized a musical change for him. He completely changed his sound and approach to music. Songs on this album were more sample based and featured members of his crew The Lords Fellowship. With the help of Dent, Joe Bereal, Felisa, DJ Wish, and Kwest 1 the album symbolized tremendous growth as an artist. During this time Illustrate was also introduced to Denver DJ, DJ Chonz. Chonz even appeared on one of the songs for this album called “Cannibalistic Tendencies.” Shortly after the release of Focus life began to take over. The Lords Fellowship crew began to drift apart and do their music independently of one another. During this period, Illustrate began working on a new project which would later be titled “Illosophy.” The name for the album was created by long-time friend Jendor, a Northern CA artist from San Jose. It symbolized the name Illustrate along with the philosophy behind making the album. Therefore the two became known as Illosophy. Illosophy was recording mostly in Las Angeles, CA with the help of K.P. and Fros’T. Illustrate spent three months writing and recording the album before returning home to Denver, CO. During this time Illustrate faced many personal challenges and growing points in his faith. Although the album was completed in 2002, it was not officially released until 2005. Finances were unavailable for most of this time and this greatly delayed the release of the album. It was during this time that Illustrate and friend Joe Bereal were featured on the Syntax Record release the “Fashion Expo.” In 2002, Illustrate and his family moved to Grand Junction, CO. After moving he met Christian rap artist Minority. Shortly after meeting, Minority approached Illustrate about a recording label that he had considered starting. The original plan was for Illustrate to produce music and supply a place to record for Minority and any of his artists. After a few months of working together, Illustrate and Minority decided to become partners in the record label known as Rezurrected Muzic. In 2007, Both Minority and Illustrate released new solo projects. Minority’s album was titled “Mic Dreams” while Illustrate’s album was titled “Chronicles of Life.” After releasing both albums, Minority had met artist manager John Hay online. John Hay helped both artists promote their music within his network. Through John Hay, Minority and Illustrate were introduced to Lee Davis. Lee Davis is a film directed in Hollywood, CA and was mentored by Spike Lee. Davis later offered to direct and produce a music video for one song. Illustrate and Minorty chose the song “Do Your Thang” from the Mic Dreams Album because both artists were featured on it. A few months later, both artists had flown to Las Angeles and spent three days recording all the footage needed. The video was completed a few weeks after shooting and was pushed on Youtube, Vimeo, and Godtube. 2010 featured the release of a collaborative effort from both Minority and Illustrate. The album was titled Rezurrected Muzic Presents… Tha Circus. With 22 tracks of music it was a merging of different styles ranging from hip hop, to club, to rock. Every song was either a collaboration between the two or solo song. During this time Both artists began working with West Coast music produce Jase of Saltybeats and his friend DJ Kair one. Both individuals played a vital role in the creation of the new album. Jase helped with production, mixing and mastering while Kair featured on songs in need of scratching as well as production. The album was released national through CLG music and appeared online and in stores around the country. 2011 brought froth Illustrate fifth solo release. Inspired by the practices of record label Humble Beast to give away their music for free, Illustrate followed a similar path. The album “The Art of Losing Myself” was made available as a free download. This album has proven to be Illustrate’s most popular release to date. It remains a free download and numbers continue to increase. Currently, Illustrate is working on his sixth solo release, “Renewal Process.” The debut single from the album is produced by Jesthebeats, a producer from the Bay Area. The song is titled “Everlast” and proves a new level of growth for Illustrate. The new single sets the tone for the upcoming album which is intended to inspire listeners and challenge them in their faith. Releasing early 2014.


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Slick Reborn, “Rise Up”, From the Streets to the Church Vol. 1 2016
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Rezurrected Muzic Presents… Tha Circus
Rezurrected Muzic Mixtape Vol.1
“Such A Time As This” “Be A Father to Your Child” “Play This Only At Night” “Resonate”
“Let the Muzic Play”
CMC Man’s Only Hope “Foolish Hearts”
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Fashion Expo: Round One “Who Am I”
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