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This is not easy for me to write because I have to dig deep into these memories but Sylvia told me to "tell our story". So that's what I'm going to do. This is the long-version but it does connect the dots of "music" which Sylvia and I use as the Stepping Stones along our Path…

Sylvia and met in the Fall of 1980. That "contact point" was the high-desert town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had moved there, years earlier, from Oregon. I had moved there from Florida with 2 psychic-class Instructors and 4 other students of those classes. The 7 of us had heard about the upcoming "Earth changes" and were going to help "save the world". Our plan was to hold-up in Colorado, away from the major upcoming destruction and near the new Western United States shoreline. It was October and we could feel the hard, cold Winter of that region bearing down on us the closer we drove to that Western state.

At one point, that single Traffic Light, which separated the car I was driving from the car containing the Instructors caused both vehicles to not catch-up with each other until Albuquerque. About 3-states later. It was very early in the morning and we decided to have breakfast and regroup.

The short version is that we decided to remain in Albuquerque until Winter was just a memory. Two members on this journey, a young couple, wanted to spend that Season with their family back in Mississippi (or was it Alabama?).

After a couple weeks of the now-5 of us settling in to our new apartment, 1 of the Instructors was about to walk across town to visit a "Science Of Mind" church and asked if I wanted to go along. I had never heard of such a church and had nothing better to do. So I went.

This is where Sylvia and I 1st met. She was the Music Director of that church. After the Service, we talked and I learned that she was working on "original" and "modified traditional" songs for an upcoming Christmas Program.

We "met" but the "spark" was not ignited just yet… Plus, Sylvia was married at this point.

After Sylvia's Christmas Program, she mentioned that she was about to start working on an Easter Program. We talked more about this and, although that church had an organ and upright piano, I felt that her music could use a touch of "synthesizer" sound.

(Sylvia plays keyboards. I play drums. However, I have owned a few synthesizers in the past and, around 1972, have actually taken private lessons on a Studio Moog from Professor Hoskins at J.U. (Jacksonville University - Jacksonville, Florida). He once told me he went to school with Bob Moog. So I guess, besides "rhythm", "sound design" is also in my veins.)

I went to a local, Albuquerque music store and bought a "Roland SH-09" synthesizer, to use in Sylvia's Easter Program. Sylvia later told me she was very impressed that I took the initiative and bought that synth.

By this time, I did have a job but found that I couldn't afford the payments on that synthesizer. I explained this to Sylvia and she decided to pay it off and then I would simply pay her back.

So during that Easter Program, I did not play any drums. Instead, I played the organ and that synthesizer. No, I'm not a keyboardist but, with a lot of guidance from Sylvia, I was able to play the simple notes she needed to support her Choir and the detailed piano parts she was playing. (We still have that synthesizer.)

A couple of months later, several of us were attending an after-Service lecture at that same church. Afterwards, a few of us talked about going to a concert that weekend by an up-and-coming band called: "Rush". I had learned about them while in college. The school's library had rock albums and when I listened to that band, I was hooked. (Although Sylvia is 18-years older than me, we both hold "Rush" as our favorite band.)

Sylvia went into another room to mention the Rush concert to her "then" husband. A while later, she came back and said he didn't want her to go to that concert. She was NOT happy. A few months later, Sylvia divorced him. (There were many other factors involved. and, in the "grand scheme of things" / the "big picture", Sylvia and I were about to begin our journey together.)

Once Sylvia was divorced, we decided to form a band and become incorporated. So, along with 3 other people, we hired a lawyer and formed "Infinity". We also locked-in our triangle-based logo at that same time, even though I had created it about a year before (in 1980).

Three of us rented a house together. The other 2 already had established homes and families.

It wasn't long before "Society" came at us and we all had to balance "jobs" with "music". The other person living with us was the Sound Engineer. After several months of seeing no progress with our music, he told us we weren't moving fast enough with our music goals and that he wanted out. At this point, it's just "me and Sylvia". (I don't remember what happened to the other 2 people.) He got a lawyer and told us to buy him out. It took me and Sylvia MANY years to finally pay-off the loan we had to take-out to do that. (No regrets. No blame. We just kept moving forward with out lives.)

Although Sylvia and I have now been living with each other for a few years, we were dating other people. I was still in my late 20s and only see "eye-candy" in the various girls within my immediate world. One day, however, something within me must have finally taken a step back to get a better look at my Life's Path and got my attention. I began seeing Sylvia as more than a "Musician" and a "friend" but I wasn't sure. I knew anything more would require a huge commitment of Time and energy… a total life change for both of us. I thought about this for a bit and decided to wait 1-year… I decided to mentally place "Sylvia" in every situation that would arise. So, for that next year, no matter what I was doing, I would imagine: "What if Sylvia was here?"… "What if Sylvia did that?"… "How would Sylvia do that?"… "How would Sylvia and I work-through that situation?" etc.

By the end of that year, I figured it out. (I'm crying. I did say this wasn't easy for me.)

By the end of that year, I knew it was "Sylvia"… I knew Sylvia is the only one for me and that we really needed to be with each other… forever.

Since it was close to December, I decided to wait until Christmas Eve. I bought "the ring" and designed a Plan.

On that Christmas Eve, Sylvia's daughter and a friend of hers came over. We talked for a while and then, shortly before midnight, I told everyone: "Sylvia and I have to go out for a bit. I have to give her her Christmas present." Everyone, including Sylvia, looked at me with a bit of "wonder" on their faces. None of them had any idea what I was about to do. I grabbed a fair-sized, cardboard box, which I had gift-wrapped earlier, and we headed out.

I was heading for a bank, which I had noticed during a nighttime drive a few weeks before. The landscaping around that building was "magical". There were simple cement benches between silver lamp posts with glistening white lights shining from their tops. On that particular night, it had snowed just enough to coat the ground and every horizontal surface… creating a scene that memories are made of.

We sat on a bench and I placed that box next to me on the cement. Sylvia and I talked a bit and then I reached for the box. (I brought the box, so I could kneel without her suspecting anything.) I kneeled on the cement and moved the box between us. I pretended to open it as I reached inside "me" for those special words… "Will you marry me?" (I'm crying again.)

Sylvia's reaction was a powerful "happy - surprise". Her eyes quickly filled with tears. (My tears are too much right now. I'll have to finish this later.)


Sylvia's reaction was a powerful "happy - surprise". Her eyes quickly filled with tears… and she said: "Yes!". When we got back home, the look on her daughter's face was priceless.

Over the next few decades, Sylvia and I played a fair amount of music. Sylvia is the musical genius of "Infinity". I've seen her perform with a setup that included 3 keyboards, Moog Taurus II pedals (a keyboard for your feet), read Sheet Music and Sing all at the same time! Sylvia has a "Bachelor of Music" degree (B. Mus.) from the University of New Mexico.

Me? I'm a Drummer. I "can" read Sheet Music but it would take me all day to figure out the notes, rhythm and chordal structure. Sylvia has that rare Musician's Gift of being able to "Sight Read". This means you can place a piece of Sheet Music in front of her, that's she's never seen, give her about a minute to look it over and she can play it.

I "play by ear". Before finding Sylvia, while still in High School and College (around 1972), I played in a few "Cover Song" bands. To learn my part, I would put all distractions aside and listen to a single song many, many times with headphones. When I got to the point I may have figured out the drum part, I would "Air Drum" — using my hands in the air, without drumsticks, to accent any special parts. When I thought the song was etched into my mind, I would setup my drums in the Living Room of my parents house, after school when no one was home, and practice. The song would be BLASTING throughout our home… and the neighborhood but my playing could easily drown it out. The only "Drum Lessons" I've had were in college — 1 semester of how to read a snare drum part. So I had no idea what I was doing in those early drum-playing years. I had no "control"… no "finesse"… no "style" to my playing. I was just "banging on things".

Typically, after getting home from High School each day, before my parents got home from work, I would setup my drums in the Living Room and practice. I didn't use headphones, I just played the drums to the "numb your ears" music of "my" albums SUPERCHARGING the room from their stereo. Neighborhood kids would come FROM DOWN THE STREET and sit on the grass of our front yard and listen! I broke LOTS of drumsticks.

One day, I heard about "Ironwood Drumsticks". These extremely dense, very strong wooden sticks supposedly came from "Ironwood trees" in Germany. With those sticks, I was finally able to save money by not breaking so many but then I started breaking "Cymbals".

Because it's almost impossible for most Drummers to practice on an acoustic Drumset without the neighbors calling the police, we sold it several years ago and Sylvia bought me a "Roland TD-6 V-Drums" (electronic) set, which I still use.

(I seem to have gotten off-track a bit)

Over the years, Sylvia did write several original songs and a few musical shows, which we performed in the towns we lived in at those times.

In 1989, we moved from Albuquerque to Jacksonville, Florida, in order to be around my Dad, who was experiencing some health problems. Sylvia, originally from Oregon has a built-in love for the mountains. She had never been to Florida before this and had a difficult time with "flat land". So, after a few years of seeing that my Dad's health was better than we thought, Sylvia and I started to feel another "energetic" / "psychic" push to move… but where to?

Back in the late 80s, I was taking those "psychic" classes in Jacksonville. (You could simply think of "psychic classes" as "personal awareness" classes.) At that time, there was a fairly well-known Psychic named: "Kay Mora". She gave talks and published a book or 2. Later she moved to Maine.

While still living in Jacksonville, we saw a few "mediation" videos by Kay Mora on our television's "Public Access" channel and learned that she now lived in St. Augustine. Just "a few miles down the road".

A few months later, still wondering "where" Sylvia and I need to move to, we were in a store looking at some wine. Sylvia noticed the Aztec design on a bottle of Irish cream. (Sylvia likes SouthWestern designs and colors. So this caught her attention.) She then noticed the name on the bottle: "Kamora". Sylvia turned to me and said: "Kamora… Kay Mora. That's who we need to talk to, in order to find out where we need to move." We made an appointment and were told to move to "Asheville, North Carolina". So we did. We drove up here 1-weekend, explored a few things and, I think it was a couple of months later, without a job or place to live, we just… moved. That was in the Fall of 1993 and we've been here ever since.

Sylvia was born on September 22, 1936. I was born 18-years later… in a different month… on a different day.

Sylvia and I met in the Fall of 1980.

I proposed to Sylvia, Christmas 1986.

Sylvia and I were married on August 1, 1987. (Sylvia loves to read. At that time, we were digesting the books of José Argüelles. We wanted to be married before the August 10, 1987 "Harmonic Convergence".)

For more than 21-years, Sylvia and I have spent every single minute next to each other. During those 21-years, we were never more than about 100-feet apart and we loved every minute of it.

Although Sylvia and I don't usually have health issues more involved than a cold or the flu, around January 2010, Sylvia began having a few health issues. (Sylvia was 73 at that time.) At one point, she started to have "Periods"… constantly… all day, every day. Since we don't do doctors, Sylvia decided to seek the advice of a local Energy Healer. (Note: All through these happenings, with every decision, Sylvia and I talked deeply and seriously about what we were about to do and the consequences. We checked and double-checked with each other and with our sources of information. We were very clear and knew what we were doing at each turn.)

Although Sylvia doesn't like "needles", a few months later, she decided to go to an Acupuncturist. By this time, I was caring for her more and more… dressing her, cleaning her, feeding her. (These memories are very painful for me.) The Acupuncture treatments were helping. Sylvia's energy was building. So we increased her visits to twice a week.

Although our families and very few friends are in other states, several months before all this happened, we decided to "make a friend" with someone we knew from our volunteer work in the local Macintosh user's group.

On a Saturday morning, Sylvia and I went through our new routine of me helping her from our bed to the bathroom. This time, however, instead of taking about 15-minutes to get to the kitchen for breakfast, it took 2-hours. I propped Sylvia up against the bathroom sink as I always had done but this time, she couldn't lock her knees. She slid down to the floor. I was holding her but I slid down with her.

Our new friend arrive a little later, to help us go somewhere and when we told her what happened she said we couldn't keep doing things this way. I went in the other room for something and she had phoned 911. We spent 8-hours in the hospital doing tests. The result was "Stage 4 cancer" and Sylvia was too weak to do anything about it. They told us we would be going to "hospice" on Monday. (I just keep crying.)

After 3-weeks in hospice, Sylvia… My Sylvia "crossed-over" on April 9, 2011. Minutes later, she showed me something. The next day, Sylvia told me: "The veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon." This was not "telepathy". I actually heard this just as if someone was in front of me talking. When this happened, there wasn't anyone around for at least 100-feet in any direction. It was a very big room within the hospice building.

Since then, Sylvia has given me information and dreams, which tell me "this time is different"… that I, and most everyone on the surface of this planet, will not be crossing-over. Instead, the "Veil" will soon be removed and those Beings (including animals) who have not re-incarnated yet will be re-united with their Loved Ones on THIS side of that "Veil".

So early-on, I knew that Sylvia and I would be working on our music together "across the Veil". Near the end of 2014, Sylvia had me purchase a few new pieces of musical equipment. In january of 2015, we started exercising our "psychic muscles" across the "Veil", in order to see how to better connect with each other for this album project. It's been interesting. Sometimes, when I play a keyboard, I can sense Sylvia guiding my energies… showing me which notes to play. Other times, I can feel Sylvia inside me playing full, 2-handed chords as if "I" was a real Keyboardist.

So we ARE working on that album. We have several partial songs and 1 completed song. Sylvia told me not to release these songs individually until the album is finished because the entire album tells our story of working across the "Veil". Each song is connected to the 1 before it.

In October, Sylvia asked me to stop work on this album and work on a special song. It's called: "Calling All Humans" and is now available as a free download on this website. This is the 1st song we've released to the public since Sylvia and I started working "across the Veil".