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Inner Composure Yoga

Michal Retter, RYT, founder of Inner Composure Yoga, was born in the City of Jerusalem, an ancient and sacred site and yet the heart of religious and national conflict. She was raised in South Africa during the Apartheid, returning to Israel a questioning teenager. The two countries she called home were both warring nations. In her search for understanding, Michal was guided to Spiritual teachings and Yoga. Her journey brought her to Washington State were she attended a high discipline Spiritual school for 5 years. The realization that “peace begins within, in seeing that all people are divine and all of us family” impressed itself firmly and set the course of a purposeful personal vision for peace and freedom. Being one of the facilitators of the Global Mala Event in Bellingham, WA 2007 she was inspired to deliver a visualization that was aligned with her intent. This is it. This CD is also a fundraising effort to support organizations that take peaceful action. Enjoy it, Om Shanti.