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JPT Scare Band

"Take a solid, Cream-based blues outfit, mix in the wildest, most psychedelic moments of Hendrix feedback, throw in loads of distortion and a grocery bag full of LSD and the final result will be something like the proto-metal/psych jamming of JPT."

JPT Scare Band has been blazing psychedelic trails for quite some time now. Over the years and decades they have managed to progress from totally unknown to painfully obscure. In spite of all that… they are still together, with the original lineup intact. Still making meaningful music in the 21st century, this veteran group of jammers is also proud of the vast legacy of twisted insanity recorded back in olden analogue times.

Here and there, in odd corners of the world, growing numbers of those who love the old school guitar crazy heavy rock have somehow become aware of the existence of JPT. The band was featured in an article in the March 2007 issue of classic rock magazine titled, “Lost Pioneers of Heavy Metal” in which they were included in the same exalted company with Iron Butterfly, Bloodrock, Bang and Leafhound. Although they have never really considered themselves a true heavy metal band, they will take any good press they can get.

The members of JPT are extremely proud of the fact that their first two albums were released on vinyl only. Good luck finding a copy, as they are both long out of print. Their first CD, Sleeping Sickness, was originally released on Monster Records and featured tracks from the two vinyl albums. Sadly, Monster Records imploded and their web site simply vanished into thin air due to heavy craziness and the suicide of one of the founding partners. The Sleeping Sickness CD was out of print for many years. The band rereleased the Sleeping Sickness CD in 2009.


Acid Acetate Excursion - Vinyl LP released by Monster Records of San Antonio, Texas in 1994. The album featured live jams recorded at the Electric House on Manheim in Kansas City, Missouri in 1974 and recorded at the Stone House on Crooked Road outside of Parkville, Missouri between 1975 and 1976. A very limited vinyl release prized by diehard psych jam band and hard rock collectors. This LP has been extensively bootlegged, especially in Europe. Any CDs of Acid Acetate that are advertised are surely bootlegs, as JPT have authorized release of this album on vinyl only. Now out of print.

Rape Of Titan’s Sirens - Vinyl LP released by Monster Records in 1998. The album featured additional material recorded in the basement at the Electric House and in the dining room of the Stone House between 1974 and 1976. This record was also a limited release aimed at the collector market. To increase collector interest, the record was pressed on clear virgin vinyl and featured a somewhat controversial album cover art design. Now out of print.

Sleeping Sickness - CD released by Monster Records in June 2000 featuring most of the tracks contained on the first two vinyl LP releases. The CD was the Staff Pick at for two weeks in February 2001. Material from the CD garnered very positive reviews, with many of the reviewers comparing the band favorably with such classic acts as Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Cream. The CD also generated significant airplay on college FM radio on the east coast of the USA, including WFMU and WNYU in New York and WFMO in Medford, Massachusetts. The positive reviews and airplay resulted in the band being featured in an extensive interview at in January 2001. The Sleeping Sickness CD was out of print for many years. The band rereleased the Sleeping Sickness CD in 2009 and it is available at CDBaby.

Past Is Prologue - Indie CD released by Kung Bomar Records, LLC, a company formed by the members of JPT. The CD was released in 2002 after the group’s former label, Monster Records, declined to release material recorded by the band in 2001. The intent of this CD was to provide a musical bridge from the material recorded in the 1970s up to the 21st century. The CD features one tune from the 2001 sessions, two tunes recorded in 1993, two tunes from the Sleeping Sickness CD, the title tune from the Rape Of Titan’s Sirens LP, as well as two additional tunes from the 1970s never released by Monster. The CD is available at CDBaby.

Jamm Vapour – Indie CD released on April Fool’s Day 2007. This self produced record features all new material written, performed and recorded during 2001 - 2004 by the three original members of the band. The CD arrived at a crossroads in the long and mysterious history of this veteran group of rockers. Monster Records, which lifted the band from the obscure mists of the past into the illuminating light of a new day, has simply vanished into thin air. The band is proud of their past, but wishes to continue to develop and evolve into the 21st century. The Jamm Vapour CD is available at CDBaby.

Rumdum Daddy – On May 29, 30 and 31 of 2004, the band got together at Studio A of Berry Sound Group in midtown Kansas City, MO for three nights to record a number of songs. Three hours and thirty-six minutes of material captured into Pro Tools was the result. Since then, the boyz have been tweaking and adding and subtracting and overdubbing and underdubbing and they finally finished the damned thing and released it on October 31, 2009. This CD showcases the demented guitar madness of Terry Swope, with the the rhythm section of bassist Paul Grigsby and drummer Jeff Littrell, locked into their normal mode of telepathic tightness. This is old school guitar rock with a 21st century spirit of adventure. Rumdum Daddy is available at CDBaby.

Acid Blues Is The White Man’s Burden – After many years of going it alone with their own little indie label, Kung Bomar Records, the band was signed by upstart new California label, Ripple Music. The very first release by Ripple Music is the new JPT Scare Band album, Acid Blues Is The White Man’s Burden, available as a CD and also as a double gatefold, double 12” vinyl album with two extra bonus tracks. This record features a kickass selection of overamped madness recorded by the band from the 1970s up to the present. The CD and the vinyl double album are both available here at CDBaby.

Review Summaries for CD, Jamm Vapour

“It’s just not supposed to happen like this. I’m sorry, but a band who hadn’t recorded together in decades and even then, by their own admission “were so very damned obscure,” shouldn’t be able to get back together, plug in, light some incense in their basement studio, and knock out an album this freaking brilliant. But then, JPT Scare Band never did anything by the rule book.

Back in their day, in the early 70s, JPT Scare Band was an awesome purveyor of absolutely freaked out, acid-drenched blues jam rock. Often mislabeled as proto-metal, the guys were actually a throwback to the free form, let the music go wherever the bong water bubbles, psychedelic 60s with a hard core blues background and a serious rock and roll heart. After releasing the excellent Past Is Prologue compilation, which culled some old classics with some newer tracks, the guys got motivated to dust off their guitars, amps, wrapping papers, and lava lamps and out poured Jamm Vapour.”
The Ripple Effect Blog (Todd Racer)

Review Summaries For CD, Past Is Prologue

“The beauty of the JPT Scare Band is their ability to function as a unit in the nebulous field of the free form heavy jam... Terry Swope is a gawdam genius. Definitely in the league with the best in that genre...Hendrix, Duane Allman, Robin Trower and Carlos Santana. The end result is nothing short of mind blowing.”
Hellride (Chris Barnes)

“Listening to this CD, you can't help but wonder why Terry Swope isn't revered with the same kind of awe and worship as Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Alvin Lee, and the rest of the 60's/70's guitar gods. Their music is psychedelic/stoner/bluesrock ecstasy. An outstanding rhythm section, emotive vocals, and a one in a million guitarist make the JPT Scare Band the best new ‘old’ band of the year.”
Tangerine Magazine (Glenn Tillman)

“If you like it loud, then this is for you. If you like it heavy, this is for you... a crushing power trio sound that modern day stoners are going crazy for. A contender for 2002's best of list.”
Zeitgeist E-Zine (Psychedelic Love Commando)

Review Summaries For CD, Sleeping Sickness

“If the band had a signed contract back in the early ‘70s, there is no doubt they would be up there with Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Black Sabbath for guitar overload damage.” (Staff Recommendation - Andy Perseponko)

“It starts off and grabs you right away with its true 70s blend of acid and blues. Pure volume and sweat... reminds me of a cross between Band of Gypsies and Led Zeppelin with a hint of King Crimson and John McLaughlin... Very very heavy - very guitar rock.” (Robwrong)

“Not for the weak, I almost think that this should have been packaged with a warning label: THIS ALBUM MAY CAUSE SERIOUS MUSCLE STRAIN DUE TO UNCONTROLLABLE FITS OF AIR GUITAR. USE WITH CAUTION. If history had unfolded differently, or had they hooked up with a proper label at the time, there would undoubtedly be another guitar hero honored in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.” (AG)

“An obscure & eclectic Hendrix influenced, brain-cracked power rock trio who recorded in a stone basement out of Kansas City in the 1970s. Truly some of the most brilliant and disturbed guitar playing on record.” Best of 2000 Lists (Charlie Quaker)