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Jake Paul

Jake Paul to Inspire School Football with New Single, ‘Break Out Year’

(2018) – Jake Paul is scoring a musical goal almost every year. After the success of his last three albums, the popular musician is set to release a new single, ‘Break Out Year’ on Monday, October 1.

Set on the backdrop of high school football, ‘Break Out Year’ is meant to inspire players to rise above challenges. The single is close to Jake’s heart, showing his love for the sport in which he set a record at high school for most touch downs in a game. The single will be marketed across the US to middle and high school players.

Independent and proud, Jake Paul is a self-made singer and song writer, and for this particular track, he plays most of the instruments. Listeners will appreciate his energetic renditions, which reflect influences ranging from Post Malone, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, to Sublime. Jake’s music is authentic and memorable as it rises above mainstream and disposable Rock n’ Roll.

“My song is about rising above challenges and my love of football. I set my high school touchdown record for most touch downs in a game. I want this song to inspire young players to reach their goals regarding football,” says Jake.

Picking up the guitar at 21, Jake has charted a highly successful music career, and is considered a favorite artist at the annual Milwaukee’s Summerfest for his Midwestern roots-rock style. In three years alone, he has released four albums, and performed with fresh musicians from Jamaica, Ohio, and southeast Wisconsin. Jake’s debut album was the 2011 full length work, ‘The Jailbreak’. The album comprises the song ‘Hollow’, which deals with the unsolved murder of his mother in 1988.

‘The Jailbreak’ was followed by ‘The Providence’, an album using bright melodies, smart lyrics and flavors of reggae and hip-hop that create new meanings around resiliency, love, hate and moving on. Jake’s third album is ‘Urbanize It’, released in 2015 by his own label, Anomaly Records, in collaboration with accompanying artist Kristin Urban.

Fans of Jake Paul’s music can also head towards his own merchandise store that offers a wide range of popular products.

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Media contact
Jake Paul
Jake Paul & Anamoly Records, LLC

Jake Paul is a multi-talented musician and artist. Doing what he loves best, making great music, art and spreading love to his fans and the whole world. His journey isn’t as easy as life on the beach, but he keeps his head high and breaks through the challenges of life with extraordinary resilience and honesty.

As a musical artist and songwriter, Jake Paul is a quick study, moving to great heights more quickly than other more experienced musicians. In keeping with his independent spirit, Jake Paul and his Band released 3 albums in a period of 5 years, with one album - The Jailbreak rearranged for radio-friendly play but still in keeping with the intense wordplay and indie spirit. The Jake Paul Music is now a Mid-Western favorite and has performed for 5 consecutive years in the largest music festival in the world, Milwaukee’s Summer Fest.

Jake Paul Music is greatly influenced by the likes of the Sublime Twenty One Pilots, Post Malone, and Imagine Dragons. They’ve raised the bar of indie music known for authenticity and grit. Their first full-length album in 2011, The Jailbreak includes the track “Hollow” which was both a tribute to Jake Paul’s mother and the experiential truth behind the exposure to her untimely and violent demise – a murder that has remained unresolved for more than 25 years. Resilience, love, hate, moving forward and letting go are the prevailing themes of their songs’ lyrics paired with the upbeat tunes and music of Pop, Reggae and Hip Hop. This mix of styles often contradicts the intense and audacious wordplay by Jake Paul. Yet when put together, it works brilliantly in conveying the meaning and music of the band.

Jake and his band are fearless in trying new things, and collaborating with other talented artists. This became apparent in their latest venture, Urbanize It, which featured reggae artist Kristin Urban from the Reggae Rock bands Urban Empress and The Urbanites on vocals. Like the band’s previous works, this was recorded and released by Jake Paul’s very own record company, Anamoly Records.

There’s more music to come from Jake Paul and his band, as he keeps putting out the words and making new music. As a musical artist, he keeps growing and learning - mastering the fretboard like his favorite musician Jerry Garcia.

In keeping with Jake Paul’s resilient spirit, the theme in all his merchandise is the sublime life that awaits anyone who dares to push the boundaries and break free from a mundane existence, discover the magic of being human and enjoy life’s gifts. His creativity extends to designing different apparel from t-shirts, sweatshirts, to women’s beach apparel, caps and accessories. These are all extensions of his creative expression and help him deal with the trauma he experienced earlier in life. His simple yet meaningful art and designs speak for those who want more out of living, the beach, the sun and music away from the cookie-cutter experience.

Jake Paul is a man on a mission to make great music and spread love across all borders. His music as well as art and design are proof of his resilience and positive spirit in dealing with the challenges of life while remaining honest to the true grit that comes along the way.