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James D. Taylor Jr.

My exposure to the music recording industry began as a teenager by meeting Diana Shore and Jack Jones through a close friend of my father Joe Klose, then orchestra leader for Jack Jones. Joe and my father were also involved with the original soundtrack for the movie “Clockwork Orange”. These experiences helped me secure an internship position at Smith Recording studios in Oakland California during a production of “Bullchips”. I am a classically trained musician on violin, pipe organ and harpsichord, who has turned a hobby into a passion for composition whether it is classical, new age or meditation. I am honestly surprised about the interest in my music and this has given me reason to continue composing. Dr. Charlene Berry of Madonna University regarded me as a virtuoso composer from single instrumental to full orchestra. I have been interviewed on several Detroit area radio stations and interviewed by the Detroit Free Press. I currently have 6 biographies published with Algora Publishing in New York.

Random Access Music began in 1988 with analog equipment mostly as a hobby. In 2002 funds were available to convert to a mostly digital studio. 4 Intel processors running Windows XP Professional are now the heart of the studio. The first PC is used primarily for sequencing/mixing and editing with Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition (No Pro-tools here, not needed, yes I would love to hear from you.) 96kHZ 24bit recording is possible but we record/playback at 48kHz with 16bit resolution up to 16 tracks meeting Red Book standards. Notational software is with Finale. Some remixing and cleaning of analog tape and LP’s is performed with Magix. This PC uses a M-Audio 1010 Sound card. The second PC hosts Tascam Gigastudio, Moog V Modular and many VST instruments. The third PC is primarily used as a 96kHz/24bit recorder with Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition. A Dell laptop is used for field recordings and a diverse collection of microphones.