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Jan Hauenstein

I was born in 1955, grew up with the music of the 60s, early 70s. Singer-songwriters, folk rock, folk, some rock, some blues, outlaw country. The words were always as important as the music. My music – some songs recorded solo, some with my friends, singer and player Charlie Woodward, Fred Grittner, guitars, mandolin and synthesizer, Rex DeLong, keyboards, till October 2016, when he died, Claudia Wichmann, vocals.
We make transatlantic cyber music. But some of us have met in person and we have played and recorded together in the USA twice now.
And there´s a young lady from Germany, Tamara Friedrich, who sings like an angel and regularly added beautiful harmonies to the songs.
Lately I have started writing songs with Fred, Terry Lee Ransom, Brad DeLong and Martha Ann.
Without you, folks, it would not be half as much fun.

Here is what people who have listened to my/our music have written:

You write in such a different manner than I've ever attempted. I'm very intrigued and touched especially by The Dead Heroes of Ergoldsbach - and the story behind it. Same Yonder Comes Ahmed, Forgiveness, 1000 Dead People in Her Hair, and Children.
Rex DeLong

The Trembling: Scary song -- you tell the story too well.
Fred Mortensen

The voice
Your voice wrapped round me like a warm blanket.... an auditory opiate, if you will.
Jody Lucas

I love your voice (deep and sexy) and the rendition of the song. It brought tears to my eyes.
Ellen Rosenberg

The voice - the centerpiece to it all. Very distinct, bracing, makes the listener pay attention, like all the good distinct and unique voices. You never push the voice too far, but I think you can go farther with it. It is the strongest asset, the most tuned instrument, your "special effect".
Scott Bradley

My wife says that your voice is the best of all the singers I listen to.
Mark Ecklund

Two of my heroes wrote:
It has that rooted European depth that I like. Well done!
Cheers, Harvey Andrews

I loved the CD you guys made. Very Euro – East Coastal.
John Stewart

Endorsement for the 2009 album 'Late Bloomer':
efolkMusic Community News: New Music Issue
A "curated MySpace" for folk and Americana musicians and music ... Oct 29 , 2009
Featured Album (Free Downloads)
Late Bloomer by Jan Hauenstein

Late Bloomer is Jan's best work to date, fifteen songs, eleven originals, some of them co-written with Fred Grittner, Terry Lee Ransom, Rex DeLong and Jim Clare and four covers, two songs by the great John Stewart, one by Martha Ann Brooks and one by Jim Clare and Mark Teachey.
Chris Frank, CEO efolkMusic

"When you listen to Hauenstein´s sonorous voice, you can easily believe he has gargled with whisky."
Peter Krueger-Lenz, Goettinger Tageblatt (June 25, 2009)

About the 2010 album 'Love, Life And Bad Breath':
This wonderful album is as eclectic as the title might suggest. The original material ranges from clever and light-hearted to lyrically poignant and soul touching. The thoughtfully selected covers included on this new CD, are re-worked to perfection and do the original songwriters' work undeniable justice. The sequencing keeps the music flowing through the generous 16 tracks, while delivering superb instrumentation supporting Jan's strong, deep, rich vocals. I would call out my favorites, but they change with each listening!
Tom Barrett

About the 2011 album 'Looking At Life':
I have been lucky enough to hear Jan's musical growth revealed in a series of CD's over the years. Looking At Life certainly showcases his development as a writer and musician. But, more than that, it captures a glimpse of life that is a lovely mix of melancholy, angst and poetic giggles. His song choices are quite varied, yet still linked with a coherency that results in a very satisfying listening experience.
Terry Ransom