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Jane Laws

Jane Laws was born in England. As a three year old, her family migrated to Zambia. During her childhood Jane moved from Zambia to Tasmania and back to Africa, first to Zimbabwe and then Namibia. Her mother is a music teacher and thus Jane spent all her youth with music. Jane played the clarinet in the Tasmanian Junior Youth Orchestra but by her teens had adopted the guitar as her favourite instrument. By fourteen she was writing her own songs. Jane moved to Western Australia thirty years ago but has since spent two years in London and three years in Queensland.

Jane is a singer-songwriter who is inspired by the places she has been and the people she has met. She specialises in building images of characters interacting with each other. The songs take on the personality of the characters portrayed, and one can feel the thoughts and emotions of each personality.
In 1996, Jane came to the spotlight with her folk ballad Seaflight. This song was written as a tribute to David Dicks, the Perth teenager who sailed solo, non-stop around the world. A cassette of Jane's work, including the 'Seaflight' track was produced by Seeing Ear Records, a local independent record label. The proceeds supporting The Seaflight Adventure. Jane performed to over 10,000 people at the Fremantle dockside welcome for David.

Seeing Ear Records were so impressed with Jane's work they decided to work towards producing a CD of Jane's originals. In 1999, Pocket Universe Recording Studio, in association with Seeing Ear Records backed Jane by recording, producing and marketing overseas a CD of Jane's original songs. Jane's new CD, Gypsy Traveller, was released in December 2000. Gypsy Traveller also features Erik Kowarski (Violin, Bass Guitar, Banjo), Peter Piccini (Piano, Piano Accordion), Peter Grayling (Cello), Syl Kowarski (Mandolin) and Tony Gaynor (Harmonica).

The year 2001 saw Jane performing gigs and doing promotional appearances for her Gypsy Traveller CD. In 2002 Jane teamed up with award winning songwriter Sonny Rolfe. Jane recorded some songs for Sonny and they wrote other material together.

Janes long time association with the sea was the inspiration for her maritime project, an EP titled Songs in the Key of Sea. Jane is sure to gain more fans with this one. The nautical phrasing is captured like only a mariner can.

In November 2004, Jane released "The Moods I'm In". This eclectic mix contains fifteen tracks of original music written by Jane. The tracks are varied, with folk, jazz and country influences. Although if you had to pigeon hole the album, it would probably be placed into the contemporary folk basket. There are some politically influenced, deep and meaningful, melancholy and, just to mix it up, shallow love songs.

Jane was lucky to team up with guitar wizz Mike Alexander on four of the tracks. His accompaniment took some delightful songs to a whole new level. Jane and Mike so enjoyed working together that in December 2004 they teamed up to form acoustic duo No Drama. No Drama were kept busy playing their original funky tunes around the music clubs and festivals until Mike was diagnosed with cancer in May 2007. Sadly Mike passed away in September 2007 leaving Jane performing solo once again.

In 2016 Jane released "Does It Rhyme?" her first album for ten years. This long awaited album has a distinctly Australian feel with five of the tracks inspired by Jane's experiences travelling around Australia on her motorcycle. Jane's distinctly original style will draw you in and make you want to listen to what she's been writing about over the last few years. Jane teamed up with renowned saxophone player, Lindsay Gould, to write Secrets of a Bass Player and Take You To Vegas. You'll be entertained by this easy listening collection of folk-roots songs with a flavour of pop, jazz, blues and a touch of comedy.

Jane's long awaited collection of maritime songs was released in July 2018 ~ from Jane
"I never really thought I would have enough maritime songs to fill an album, then 2018 arrived and out of the blue I was inspired to write three new songs. All of a sudden my Songs in the Key of Sea album was complete."