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Jane Maluka

"Jane Maluka's World Soul Music - World Soul Food!"

"..A free-wheeling interview with this diva of soul music and a high priestess of spirituality takes on an odyssey of sorts...mystical, spiritual, inspirational, mellifluous, mezmerising, and above all soul stirring!...
Jane Maluka's music cannot be easily compartmentalised but if one has to do so, her music is sublime....she calls it 'world soul music'. Her innate and unbridled spiritualiy is reflected in each of her compositions...
Her music and voice is healing and one cannot but be consumed by it!! is one artiste whose song hopes for a brighter future and the initiative lies in all of us world citizens. ... " Priya Almeida e Goes, feat Navhind Times Goa India . Full article "Soulfully Jane'

"Thanks for your inspirational music . I admire your strong core values and desire to bring about peace . You are a real artist , someone we enjoy and learn from at the same time . Artists like you are one in a million" - Mike McInnis ca myspacecom mikemacinnis1

"Your music touches the soul" - Riccardo Cimino, it, composer, producer, musician,

"You have given out a lot, but I have learnt a lot just from listening to your music. You are an inspiration to future generations" - Leonard Mapiye zim/uk, MSc food technology

"..I’m unable to grasp how it’s possible. I feel a deep warm and genuine love, when I’m listening to the CD. I'm perceiving it coming directly from Jane’s voice. I’m using the CD in my healing work on a daily basis.."
Review by Usui Reiki Healer Master & MBA foreign affairs Erik Zeidler, dk, read in full here:

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JANE MALUKA is a Danish Artist Musician Visionary Spiritual Teacher & Healer. Voice Healer. World Peace Activist. Humanitarian. A world soul.
Singer songwriter guitarist composer producer Independent Artist sharing her gift in Healing Arts Music Poetry Writings Visuals Inspirationals.

JANE MALUKA's WORLD SOUL MUSIC and other works of arts sound in the hopes and spiritual calling to inspiring and planting seeds to heightened awareness about self and others as co-responsible creators of the world we are all part of manifesting

2004: JANE MALUKA - Journey of DisCovery album

JANE MALUKA is further cowriting and collaborating internationally to crossing over and building bridges to
UNITE THE WORLD in Peace Love Harmony - in handpicked heartchosen instances.

In JANE MALUKA YOUR SONG CHILD ALBUM her heart and brain child, being executive producer Jane Maluka Unites The World in One Spot
For A world United Peace Love Harmony Unity. Project and album info, visit and - your song child

Latest collaborations with
KIXMET Goa (Because I Love You) songwriting, audio recordings and video production
Mastermynd Goa (Union Zaka)


Jane Maluka
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JANE MALUKA's World Soul Music - World Soul Food!
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Music From The Heart To Hearts.
BE The LOVE! you wish to see in the world - Jane Maluka