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Jesse Frank

Welcome to the official home of artist and composer, Jesse Frank. Here you will find the most current information regarding Jesse’s music and Industry Standerd Records. The Complete Discography is distributed worldwide and available on iTunes (Apple Music), CD Baby, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, eMusic and more!

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Jesse John Frank was born and raised in Red Bank, NJ and comes from a three-generation lineage of family musicians and music teachers. He grew up in a house where music was always being played and studied. His grandfathers on both sides were very skilled musicians, artists and builders. They taught the entire family many different styles and methods of learning. Following the long family chain of education degrees and school teachers, Jesse completed the music program at Brookdale College in Lincroft, New Jersey, receiving a degree in Music Ed, with a major in Classical Percussion and a minor in Jazz Composition on guitar. After student teaching and subbing in the schools for a while, he came to realize that the public school system wasn’t for him and would find himself wandering toward a more creative musical path.
Jesse has been making music since 1996, when he formed his first group, Frank ‘n’ Davison, with members Chris Davison and Chris Macock. They were a progressive instrumental rock band releasing their first full-length studio album in 1999, entitled “The Beginning,” with track names reminiscent of their favorite N64 video game, GoldenEye 007. The 16-year-old childhood friends were all taught and managed by Jesse’s father, John L. Frank Jr., an accomplished classical pianist and composer. The young virtuosos were together for 7 years, recording 3 albums and playing many shows along the Jersey Shore. They later added vocals to the mix and changed the band name to Industry Standerd. In 2005, Jesse moved to South Carolina to further his musical career, where he then founded Industry Standerd Records, and JF Music would actually begin.
In January of 2009, after playing with several groups and exhausting the Charleston music scene, Jesse and his mother, Carmela opened Lowcountry Music Academy; a family owned and operated teaching facility located in Historic Downtown Summerville. While being a very successful music school, the local business would also become a launch pad for promoting and distributing Jesse’s music. On the evening of February 26th 2011, LCMA hosted a record release party debuting Jesse’s first official solo LP, “Ancient of Days”; a concept album showcasing an array of unique styles and rock instrumentation. Later that year, he put out 3 singles including “Stolen Lullaby,” featuring 15-year-old student and piano prodigy, Caleb Ballard, who then moved on to the performance program for piano at the College of Charleston. Jesse continued to produce solo albums and also work with fellow musicians, Ken Turner (a.k.a. Kenny Monsters), Terris Magnus and Loren Pedano, the leading members of rap group, Blunt’d Truth and LP Productions.
With over two decades of musical accomplishments, (publishing 9 LPs, 4 EPs, dozens of single releases, receiving a handful of write-ups in the paper and quite a few awards, including the Summerville Journal Scene’s Voted Best Musician in 2014 and 2015), Jesse has established himself across a wide range of musical genres and is known for his versatility and non-conventional recording methods, such as takes recorded outside, across empty rooms, in hallways, and showers (with the water turned off), as well as incorporating sound samples of nature and objects that are not musical instruments. These experimental studio techniques were not necessarily utilized to improve the music, but to capture the inspiration of the moment.
Despite what critics say, Jesse’s raw engineering and use of abstract mic placement creates a sound that you won’t hear from anyone else; that stands apart from the typical overly processed digital recordings you hear from everyone today. NEVER having used Auto-Tune, Jesse is a firm believer in recording studio live, with no unnecessary enhancement effects and using as much analog equipment as possible. –“Preserving the natural tone of the instruments, vocals and the imperfections of a human performance is what makes music special and is how the emotion of the composer is transferred to others.”
Being an autobiographical artist, Jesse’s music and lyrics are true stories about his own personal life experiences. All of his album covers are photos he has taken and artwork that he designs and draws himself. Most of his songs are developed within the recording process and not always planned out. The making and sound of the music is a result of his environment and circumstance at that specific time and NOT under the restriction of a major record label. This allows for freedom of expression and an unadulterated true self, the ability to always be different and continue to change with your own interpretations, which is what defines an artist.

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