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Joseph I. Blackfeather

  Joseph I. Blackfeather has been establishing himself as a diverse and solid bassist for almost 40 years. With so many other talented bass players in the world with speed and new technical styles, Joseph sees himself more of a laid back traditional bassist. Having influences and idols such as John Paul Jones, Stanley Clark, Steve Fossen and Steve Harris, Joseph's style of playing is more a smooth romantic style but at the same time, hitting notes that will crack your ribs. 

  Joseph is mix-blood of Al'lil'lik - also known as Ta'ta'viam (The people facing the sun) of the Western Shoshoni/Chumash Nation along with Bavarian Celtic originally from the Germanic tribe of Scandinavian. As much as he loves and listens to his own Ancestral music, his style of writing isn't his Ancestral style. He was raised in Maryland but has lived, recorded, performed, traveled and toured all over the country. Having performed with and/or recorded with a diverse collection of artist throughout his music career. Including World Renown conductor Peter Trofimenko (The American Balalaika Symphony Orchestra), singer/songwriter Jessica Star, songwriters Brett Zwerdling & Arroh Meuse (Maharal), singer/songwriters Sharon Knight & Winter, Bob Jones (drummer for the US Army and US Military Academy Band at West Point) Michael Saint John (drummer for Brother), singer/songwriter Patty Devinney, singer/songwriter SJ Tucker, World Renown Harpist Diana Rowan, World Renown pianist Tania Stavreva, International Flutist Betsy Winslow Timber, World Renown pianist Elena Ulyanova-Caldine, World Renown Pianist Natalia Bogdanova ,.........       to name a few.  

  Joseph's style of writing is a mix of jazz, new age, world, alternative, rock and classical all blended together. He plays other instruments as well, such as piano, acoustic/electric guitar, traditional cedar flute, traditional hand drum, doumbek but only while recording his music. His first true love is his bass and Joseph will always be a bass player. Playing 4-string, 5-string, and 8-string bass, and a 4-string acoustic bass. 

  Along with Joseph's deep passion for playing his bass, creating and recording his music and performing live, Joseph also works as a stagehand, lighting tech, deckhand, and Safety Supervisor at MGM Theater (and other venues in the MD/DC/VA area) for other musicians,  performers, and artists. Joseph also hand makes candles and hand makes his Ancestral jewelry. He is also a part-time art model and poses for local art classes.  Joseph privately councils people with depression to help them better navigate their lives in a positive light.

  While writing and recording his 1st album, Joseph was involved in a project with play writer, director, and International pianist and singer Mecca Burns to collaborate with her on the soundtrack for the upcoming Shakespeare play "Merchant Of Venice" that debuted in late October 2017. 

Hello, Everyone,

As mentioned, I've performed on stage with many musicians in my life and have been in the studio to record with many of them. But I released my debut solo album back in August 2017 and I just released my 2nd album November 2018. My style of writing is a combination of New Age, Alternative, World, Jazz, Classical and Rock all blended together. Why do I have such a wide range, many styles and different taste in music you ask?   

  O.k, I'll tell you,... From the very beginning and throughout the 80's and early 90's I was in many rock and metal bands early on in my career in Maryland. Touring on the East coast and going into the studio a couple of times to record. My taste in music started to expand and grow beyond even what I thought was possible.  

  While living in Florida, then North Carolina, then New Mexico in the mid 90's and early 00's, I played in a few different bands that were more New Age/World/Indie/Jazz style music. It was also during this time when I started thinking about writing my own music.  

  After moving back to the East Coast in the winter of 2005, I got back into writing again until I became a member of the "American Balalaika Symphony Orchestra"  in 2007 and performed with them for about six years. Going into the studio to record the conductors 5th cd.  

  In 2012, while still performing with the ABS, I joined up with two good friends of mine Brett Zwerdling & Arroh Meuse in VA that had (still have) a duo called "Maharal," Turkish/Rock/Belly Dance music. I played bass for them for a little over a year.  

  In 2013 I met a gifted and talented singer/songwriter "Jessica Star" from New York. Rock/Folk style music. I stepped down as a member of the ABS and Maharal and became her bassist. Toured with her on the East and West Coast from 2013 to 2016 as well as continuing to write my music. 2014 we flew out to California to record her 4th cd.    

  Even though I still have so much to learn, everything I've learned, developed and mastered over the years, I owe a lot to many of the talented musicians I've performed with and met (and my influences). Now I'm focusing everything on creating my own music and recreating myself. In 2017, It became my turn.  

 I've always been and always will be a bassist but for the past couple of years, I've become a multi-instrumentalist. I write all music and words. I play most instruments in all my own songs, 5-string and 8-string bass, 4-string acoustic bass, piano, some keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, traditional NDN hand drums, and percussion's in all songs. Also, special effects, drum loops, and programming, other loops, and samples as well as, composed, recorded, arranged, mixed, edited, and mastered all my music.  
Thank you for taking the time with reading my Bio. I hope you have a great and beautiful rest of your day.    

Warmth & Love 

P.S. I am currently in search of a Female singer/songwriter/guitarist (acoustic & electric) to form a duo with me.
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