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Joseph Victor

Anchored by a solid back-beat and well-defined groove, Joseph Victor’s songs are edgy folk-rock gems with subtle hooks and introspective lyrics that inspire repeated listening. His unique sound has a complexity that defies easy categorization — at once cerebral and unpretentious, mature and honest, with words and melodies layered above a bass-driven core.

Victor, a multi-instrumentalist who focuses primarily on songwriting, established himself as a captivating singer and songwriter back in Santa Cruz, CA in the early ‘90s, opening up for the likes of Phish and John Wesley Harding with his original rock group, The Sky.

His provocative blend of rock and roll rooted grooves, soaring melodies, carefully crafted lyrics, and strong vocals earned Victor and his band Mojave Green a semi-finalist distinction in Musician Magazine’s 4th annual Best Unsigned Band contest in the early 00's.

These days Victor composes from his home in southwest New Mexico, where he owns and runs his own project studio, Black Range Recording. He also performs with several bands throughout the year, showcasing his own music as well as the original tunes of others.

“Back before I wrote my own music, I made a living playing in Top-40 bands. I became so fed up with playing those same songs night after night—but people love hearing their favorite music,” he says. “My goal quickly turned from performing other people’s music to creating my own. I want to be the guy who wrote THAT song.”

Although his main focal point is the song, Victor realized from an early age that if the music doesn't “sound” great to the listener, the actual song might be easily overlooked. “While the professional presentation of a mediocre song can be pretty interesting, the professional presentation of a fabulous song can be amazing!”

“I enjoy visiting professional music studios, often hiring them to work on my own music so I can learn more about my own craft,” says Victor. “Learning how to get my music across to others involves quite a bit more than a great song…or performance. The craft of recording and working with sound is a vital skill to have on my side…and something I’m somewhat obsessed with.”

As a side note to his music, Victor moonlights as a professional wood-turner, creating a sought-after line of drinking vessels from exotic hardwoods ( “I’ve managed to combine two of my favorite pastimes, woodworking and drinking!” He says carving thousands of pieces of art each year is not dissimilar to crafting songs. “I’m continually required to come up with new, eye-catching designs, each one even more unique and beautiful than the last. This certainly describes my goal every time I write a song.”