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Juan Carlos Garcia

JUAN CARLOS GARCIA – Is born in the Canary Islands, Spain, in 1971. While very young he travels to Caracas, Venezuela and studies Metaphysics by Conny Mendez next to her direct disciples and family members. He writes his first literary character book at seventeen years old, a new age narrative novel entitled El Ave Diamante, book by which he began to be known among other metaphysics writers of Latin America, the United States and Spain. We can find among his works from simple fairy tale stories, on to short narrative new age novels and magazine articles, and various advanced Metaphysics treatises, essays, conferences and meditation cassettes and CD’s. His books can be found nowadays in many important libraries around the world, such as the Simon Rodriguez Library in Caracas, Venezuela; at the Universidad de Salamanca Library and the Ateneo of Madrid, in Spain; the Bodleian Library of Oxford, England; the United Nations Library and in the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York, the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles; the Theosophical Society of Adyar, India; the Hebrew University Library in Jerusalem, Israel; at the Cervantes Institutions of London, Athens, Chicago and Tangier; the Alexandria Library and of Mount Sinai in Egypt; the Rakoczi Museum in the Carpathian Mountains, Hungary and in many other locations. The American universities of Yale and Harvard have expressly requested some of his works to be studied there.

His published books to present date are: El Ave Diamante, La Flor de los Mil Petalos, No Pierdas la Magia, El Misterio Humano, Metafisica de los Cuentos de Hans Christian Andersen, La Vida del Metafisico, Apuntes sobre el Sendero, Mas Apuntes sobre el Sendero, Metafisica de la Navidad, Pequeña Tierra, Recomendaciones sobre como aplicar a diario la Enseñanza Espiritual, and the series Viajes Metafisicos (which have been through Greece, Egypt, England, France, Portugal, Israel, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holand, Hungary, Venezuela, United States, etc.), in which he narrates his personal experiences at such places. Presently being edited are the following books: El Sentido de la Vida and Los Cuentos de Hadas en el Cine.

He was a member of the Society of Authors and Composers of Venezuela (SACVEN). He is technician in electronics systems, computer programmer technician, editor and graphics designer. He is an achieved airbrush artist creating many of his own front cover sleeves and of other authors of the same genre. He has taken college education courses in Systems Engineering in Venezuela and of Geography and History in Spain. He studied radio hosting with the writer and composer Renny Yagosesky, and was the articulate and coordinator of the Venezuelan magazine El Nuevo Pensamiento with diffusion to all of Latin America and the United States. He has directed the magazine Aditi in Spain, and has been designing for more than ten years the front cover of the magazine Sophia of the Spanish Theosophical Society and of some of the books of their editorials.

Tireless traveler of all Europe, America and the Middle East. Philosopher and researcher of the great religions and visions of the world. He is an avid guide and interpreter of the metaphysical iconography of Art in diverse museums and places of interest such as La Casa de Colon and The Museum of Science in the Canary Islands, Museo del Prado, and The Escorial in Madrid, Montserrat in Barcelona, The Louvre Museum in Paris, the holy city of Jerusalem, the cities of Asis, Pisa and Florence in Italy, the Peloponnese in Greece, the High and Low Egypt, and the Sinai, the sacred Mount Shasta and Royal Tetons in the United States, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Glastonbury in England, the Acropolis of Athens, The British Museum of London, the city of Carcassonne in France, the Vatican Museum, the Rakoczi Castle in Sarospatak, Hungary, etc.

Interested in sublime music he has composed and interpreted numerous musical pieces of new age, angelical and cosmic styles. His musical arrangements have been categorized as “visual music”, since they are capable of exactly describing difficult and abstract metaphysical themes. Some of his available compositions in CD format are: Angeles, Suite Ramakrishna, La Creacion, Hadas La Jerarquia Espiritual, Sacred Electronic Music (Compilation 1999), Celestial, La Leyenda de los Angeles Solares, La Presencia Luminosa, India Sagrada, Loftus, Misterios Develados (Double CD), La Magica Presencia (Double CD), Parsifal y el Santo Grial 2.0, Musica Sagrada para una Nueva Era (Compilation 2005), Bhagavad Gita, Los Trabajos de Hercules, Maria – la Presencia Luminosa, Musica Celestial para una Nueva Era (Compilation 2007), Angelical, Meditaciones de Perdon y Liberacion, Actividades de los Siete Rayos, Egipto Sagrado, Musica Metafisica para una Nueva Era (Triple compilation 2011), Viaje al Corazon, Pitagoras – El Maestro Eterno, Templos de Luz (Five CDs), Galahad – El Camino del Discipulo and Suite Roerich. In 1988 he meets with his friends in California, the famous musicians Aeoliah and Constance Demby, to interchange appreciations about current cosmic and spiritual music. In his quest to express as faithfully as possible celestial, angelical and cosmic music he has also acquired friendship with technical musicians, composers and artists such as Iasos, Simon Cooper, Erik Berglund, Jordi Trujillo, Lluis Parellada, Luis Roman, Artemy Artemiev, Luis Alberto Naranjo, Guillermo Cazenave, David Salvans, Peter Sterling, Kerry Woodward, David Ramos, Joel Cadman, Marius Michael-George, Ioannis Antoniadis, Ivan Torrent and Daniel B. Holeman, among many others. In reference to his pictorial and graphic works he was significantly assisted by the wise and timely advice of the laureate new age painter Gilbert Williams and by Aeoliah himself. During the 2004 summer he meets in Paris with the Italian sculptor Guido Dettoni della Grazia, he composes music for his renowned sculpture Maria, which is published in 2007. Early in the year 2005, El Puente a la Libertad (I.N.E.C) in Venezuela requests from him a musical theme for the Temple of Pallas Atenea which debuted simultaneously in Caracas and in the Athens Acropolis. That same year he composes for Lucis Trust (Arcane School) of the United Kingdom a musical suite inspired on the figure of the mythological hero Hercules called The Labours of Hercules, which made its debut in the international event celebrated in London named In the Tracks of Hercules. In April of 2006 he participated with his music in the Inspirational Arts Festival, event which was also celebrated in England. Nowadays the music by Juan Carlos Garcia is used by numerous painters, writers and artists in general to inspire their work. Professors, lecturers, and international therapists use it in their fields. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory SOHO, a combined project between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), have included Juan Carlos’s original music in their videos on the Web. In 2009 he creates a new musical instrument called MMC (Mudra Midi Controller) with which music may be played with only hand movements, without any physical contact whatsoever. He uses it in concerts of angelical and spatial music that he organizes called SYMPHONIUM ILLUMINATUM. He has been called “the European Kitaro” and the Madrilenian writer Ramon Gali has called him “the Vangelis of the XXI century”. On December of 2011 he unveils his Lamina de la Presencia “YO SOY”, to a group of forty Metaphysics disciples in the Castle Le Clos Luce, in the Loire Valley, France. Location where Leonardo Da Vinci lived the last three years of his life. In 2015, Casa de Colon museum, in the Canary Islands, opens its musically adapted rooms with his original compositions. Also composes eight pieces for his Suite Roerich in collaboration with the Roerich Museums of New York and Moscow.

He has been teaching Metaphysics for more than twenty-five years to hundreds of students, and has lectured at more than two thousand workshops, conferences and seminaries about this fascinating theme. Actually he dedicates most of his time traveling, writing, composing, rendering conferences and seminaries across all of Spain and other countries. Some of his written works are being translated into English.