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Sir Juan Mutant

SIr Juan Mutant is a musician who lost his independance state for not adapting to anyone so discovering new kinds of music he adapted himself to music only and that is the way he ran.Over styles he got so many varieties that not only one can change his mind but when evertheless it happens that is adapted to normality he changes for another style.

Also changing instruments and indumentary makes that possible and ranning away from justice means also he was convinced about the chasing and banning of new ideas which was the real purpose for his ever changing mutation.

He is in deep atraction with symbols of fear so i need that aprooval for what it means a person to talk to since experience is being deleted from each from the personalities there exists that no one is adapted to the system.

The bands he ever playied were banned for that reason of changing the style and direction of music cause making music is not only music itself but a way of life that is to make that performances and then later make it possibly happen somewhere else in existamce.

That is why chamaleonic appearances live where just a few and that is live for example breaking his nerves he putted all things down to earth to say we quit for the direction of the public was waited top be exactly the same so he diodn't adapted to idolatry and all that means the public wants a bis from their favourite song.

He travelled all around the world like Cyprus:Israel;Egypt;Europe in countries like in Spain;Holland;Germany;Hungary;Switzerland;U.S.A.;and was keen on the productions he made up appear where he had a job in Amsterdam and Belrin.

Argentina is not a place where you are welcomed so much cause that is always a bet and that is success he disagrees with that and prefeer stay away from the public.