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DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS: We hope that this intimate Irish, Scottish, and English traditional music might one day find its way onto a PBS travel show or documentary. And that you, the explorer in this audio universe, will likewise discover these tunes, tell your friends about them, and download a track or two. If you prefer streaming to downloading, you can do that too (we're on all of CD Baby's streaming partners). Stream, add us to important playlists, and spread the word! Show the world that intimate and melodic music from distant isles and days gone by ROCKS! In a time when streaming is starting to overtake downloading, we're particularly thrilled when someone downloads even one track, and we're always fascinated as to which track and where it was downloaded (the latest was in Italy). Read on to learn the backstory of our six albums--all completed in 2015 in an intense flurry of creative activity.

ABOUT KAMMERADERIE: Flashback to 1996...For their second date in the mountains of Santa Ysabel, Bert promised a picnic if Dorothy would give him a recorder lesson. The scenery was sublime, the picnic delicious, and a new recorder player was born. Bert proved to be a fast study, and soon they were performing as Flutes of Fancy. Their musical explorations led Dorothy back to the violin, her first instrument. Flutes of Fancy didn't reflect the presence of the violin, so eventually, they chose Kammeraderie for their violin and recorder duo. Dorothy was inspired to expand their repertory by arranging traditional English, Irish, and Scottish music--six anthologies in all, arranged thematically (the themes were attractive to Dorothy's poetic sensibilities).

MORE HISTORY: Dorothy began violin studies during childhood in Amsterdam. She discovered early music and Celtic music after graduating from Stanford University with a degree in music. Bert studied saxophone and clarinet as a youth, and at Boston University produced classical concerts for station WBUR FM. His musical energies are now focused on playing various sizes of recorders (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass). Together they've performed at weddings, special events, museums, and Renaissance Fairs throughout California. They've appeared in The American Recorder, Renaissance Magazine, and on local news segments. 

THE RECORDING PROJECT: In 2015 they finally created intimate recordings of Dorothy's arrangements and have found the challenges of recording at home most satisfying. On September 8, 2015, they released their sixth album of the year, completing their cycle of Irish, Scottish, and English traditional music. Yes, most of 2105 was dedicated to this endeavor!

(1) Flautilla: Sea Songs Salty and Serene - RELEASED 2/25/2015
(2) Playford Promenade: Music for Grand Occasions - RELEASED 4/9/2015
(3) Green: Songs that Celebrate Our Natural World - RELEASED 5/21/2015
(4) Maidens of Melody - RELEASED 6/25/2015
(5) Of Castles, Kings, and Courts - RELEASED 7/31/2015
(6) More Maidens - RELEASED 9/8/2015