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Kate Potter & Dirje Childs


Kate’s strength as a teacher comes from her strength in practice first and foremost, continuing to shift and grow with the teachings. “Every day on the mat, and every day in the world, my wish is to develop compassion and peace; healing the body, focusing the mind, and living a radiant life.”

At the age of 8, Kate began her life long passion for dance, and thereby quite naturally developed a strong daily practice which she did not know at the time, was Yoga. An idea to study Indian dance took her on a solo journey to India in her 19th year. After several months of adventure, her Yoga teacher, Swami Chinmayananda appeared, and the years of interest in Asian philosophy became real. “There could not have been a more focused time in my life in terms of reading, study, listening to lectures, meditation practice, as well and private interviews with both my teacher and others like the Dalai Lama who lived only miles from our ashram”.

Years of change followed in adventurous jobs planting trees in remote locations in the North, gold mining in the Yukon, working the salmon canneries in Alaska, not to mention, dancing for companies in Vancouver. The one thing that held constant was Kate’s Yoga practice. “The physicality of those jobs would have been impossible to handle without a hatha practice. The hardships endured in work were a part of my overall strength I was given through Yoga.“

Kate’s main focus besides teaching classes and retreats, has been teaching Yoga as Therapy for all conditions. Her study of Ayurveda has given her an informed approach to personalize programs her students needs. In recent years her television show Namaste is seen worldwide on 5 continents. This unbelievable blessing has her teaching internationally, as well as planning on new adventures in production.

“I thank all the teachers I have encountered on route, and all the students who have become my teachers. Norman Fischer, who would be my most influential teacher at present, gratefully informs my love for Zen Buddhism. In terms of work on the mat, I am growing in trust, to see that techniques shift with perspective. I have a commitment to “everyday practice” and a commitment to allowing ease in my life, through this essential focus.”

ABOUT DIRJE CHILDS--The Grateful Cellist

Dirje grew up in Northern California.  She discovered music and theatre as a child, and became active in plays, madrigal groups, chamber orchestras, and jazz ensembles all through high school and into college, studying performing arts.  Her deep connection to spirit lead her to study theology in Southern California.  Later, she moved to Texas, got her masters in Counseling, and became a Mental Health Therapist, exploring Zen, meditation, mindfulness, and Yoga. “Focussed presence and mindfulness have a profound biological effect on our health—both mental and physical. These are powerful healing modalities.”

For the last 20 years in Texas, Dirje has worked as a professional listener, both as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a freelance improvisational cellist. She has counseled individuals and groups in clinics, schools and private practice, coached people with chronic illness, and presented workshops and seminars on personal growth, creative life and wellness.  Currently she has a small private coaching practice, and conducts workshops, seminars and retreats related to the call to an an artful life--how to live life to the full.

"It's all about centering, connecting with ourselves, the earth, each other, with spirit, and fully inhabiting the moment--listening to the call to our personal journey. This is a gentle practice, each person finds his or her own way to embody it. In my retreats I love to offer a place where people can breathe and be still, then let the voice of the live cello sing to them, wash over them.  Learning and choosing to return to simple gratitude and curiosity on a daily basis is transformative.  This is my joy--to offer this invitation through my cello, through my work, through my life.” She conducts small retreats and workshops for larger groups, such as churches, under the name, The Grateful Cellist.

Dirje has recently relocated to Austin, Texas, to be more involved in The Blue Rock Foundation and to expand her creative path. She loves to record at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, her "monastery".  As a cellist, she is known for her ability to craft parts in the moment, has performed and recorded with countless singer songwriters, and enjoys actively collaborating with other artists.

Though she has studied the cello some formally, she is largely self-taught in the area of music composition.  Currently she is being mentored by William Foley, jazz pianist and composer located in Dallas, TX.  Another guiding force in her life is composer/artist/producer, Billy Crockett.  She is deeply grateful for the contribution and inspiration of these and other dear friends.

Future Works In Progress
Dirje's inspiration continues to lead her forward as she develops her next project, a song-cycle of multi-layered cello pieces, designed to take listeners on an archetypal journey to explore their own sacred path, their own unique gifts and contributions to humanity. As with all her projects, this will be recorded and produced at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio. The broader vision involves taking this work out on tour, offering various formats, as Dirje says, “from hospital lobbies to libraries, from churches to children’s programs”, according to the participants' and audiences' needs and desires. She and Kate Potter continue to present live events, in the form of Yoga Cello Live, and Meditation Cello Live.