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Katrina Nicolayeff

Born in Nampa, Idaho, Katrina Nicolayeff, was brought up in home where music filled every room. Some kids drag around a blanket or stuffed animal, for Katrina it was always her fiddle. She'd pick up her fiddle everyday and practice alongside one of the toughest teachers she knew, her mother. "It was always my choice to keep playing, if I wanted to compete, or take lessons from someone out of state I had one rule, practice and I did. I took my fiddle everywhere with me, I even remember trying to sneak it into the bathtub at times! When I started to compete my parents never got upset if I didn't win, or place as high as they thought I should. They always told me if we took a recording of a contest, and move it five miles down the road, place it in front of another set of judges, the outcome will be different. All we ask is you do your best."

Her mother instilled a strong foundation of oldtime fiddling early on. This came from her background in playing for square dances, where tempo was just as important as the dance floor itself. "She knew the bare bones, as Matt would call it to oldtime fiddle tunes." This was not the case for so many fiddlers her age or younger, some never even played for square dances. "If you haven't, do it! You get to visualize what you're playing in the group in front of you. You'll understand appropriate tempo real quick and its relationship with the tune. It is so very important to do this as a fiddler."

A now five time national champion and mother of two, Katrina has been moving audiences from the age of 16 months playing rhythms for her mother and teacher, Bobbie, to the ears of Grand Master Fiddler Contest attendees. She swept away her 4th and 5th titles of National Grand Champion in 2011 and 2013 at the National Oldtime Fiddler's Contest, and didn't stop there. She went on to take her third world title in September 2014 as the Grand Master Fiddler Champion.

After years of encouragement and eventually nagging from her husband Alex Nicolayeff, to put out an album, she finally pulled the trigger. "He is the calm to my storm, nothing phases him like water on a ducks back. Midnight on the Water exemplifies these feelings for my husband." Encouragement alone wouldn't have produced this album, Katrina knew she needed people who understood her style and who could compliment it.

Matthew Hartz, guitarist, heavily influenced Katrina from their days of playing dinner shows together. "When it came to improvisation I'd doubt myself so many times, and he would continue to encourage me." Andrew (last name), (mandolin?), has been palling around with Katrina since he was two weeks old. They often play together throughout the valley and the energy is electric and just plain fun! "He is such a goof ball, and I knew I'd want that energy on the album. Both Matthew and Andrew are very special to me. Sometimes you become somewhat telepathic with other musicians, and I've had more of these moments with these too than anyone else. It's those moments as an artist you try and reproduce, and with them it comes naturally."

Stuart Havilcak, producer, has been sharing and shaping Katrina's spectrum of music for 10 years now. "He's so passionate about music and it shows, so much so that he got me into music I never would have listened to otherwise." Music weaves its way in between their witty banter or joke telling. "I knew I had to have him record my album, he understands fiddle music and most importantly my personality. In fact he named the album on the final listen through. I remember looking over and seeing a big smile on his face as he said, '13 Stages'."

Recording this album has been such a positive experience. From what started and felt just like any jam session in the living room of Stuart Havlicak's home to what is now 13 Stages. Press play and enjoy the synergy between four very passionate musicians and producer, as it teleports you in front of different stages.