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Kenneth Bush

As the Children of Israel prepared to enter into Jericho, they were given strict instructions. They were told to march around the wall of Jericho once a day for... six days and seven times on the seventh day. The men of war in front, the priests with the trumpets behind them, followed by the priest carrying the Ark of the Covenant and the others. The Israelites walked around once as they were instructed for six days. But, on the seventh day, after walking around the wall seven times and the trumpets blew, the people let out a great shout and the wall of Jericho fell down. They didn’t use any type of carnal weapon to accomplish this task. The only thing they needed was to be obedient to God, and release praises at the proper time. The time is now that God is calling His people back to live within His promises through obedience and love! Kenneth Bush & X-Treme Praise is a Christian music ministry comprised of young people willingly and joyfully spreading the Word of God through praise and worship. Our motto, “Not just a song, but a life changing experience”, has been the basis for the tremendous growth during the time of our existence. KB & XP consists of young singers and musicians from South Carolina and Georgia, and is the vision of two musicians desire to see young Christians come together as bold witnesses for Christ. It is our hope that this ministry will open the eyes of everyone for the purpose of allowing them to see a better way through love and music. The first live recording, "Unconditional Love," was recorded at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Beaufort, South Carolina on November 22, 2013, exactly nine years after the very first rehearsal for the choir. This recording is filled with moving and inspiring songs to uplift, encourage, and give the world a front row seat to the unconditional love of God. The versatility of the choir is shown from the opening hymn Holy, Holy, Holy, to the smooth sound of the title track Unconditional Love, to a powerful and moving song Awesome God. The cd shares the vocal gifts of great gospel artist such as Bishop J. Nathan Paige, Cornelius Drake, and Mildred Daniels. It is our hope that just like the Israelites outside the wall of Jericho, that our obedience, praise and worship will cause a great sound that will bring down the walls that stand between God’s people and His promises. We all share one purpose and one plan…Kingdom Building! Be Blessed!