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Kmt the Ra

Shannon L. Metoyer, also known as KMT (Kemet), was born in Detroit, MI. He was born on June 4th, 1990. However, most of his life was spent in Denver and Aurora, CO. Currently 25 years of age, he was previously known for Break-dancing, representing 3 Dance Crews: Elevated Styles Crew (Denver, CO), Lost in Translation (Aurora, CO/ San Diego, CA), and Soul Mechanics Crew (Colorado Springs, CO/ Las Vegas, NV). Nearly 8 years of performances in this area gave him a deep craving for the energy produced by crowds in the magic of artwork. After winning awards in such events, such as the Young Authors Association from as early as 3rd grade, Shannon began to focus his creative prowess in another branch of Hip Hop, Emceeing. Utilizing witty wordplay, multiple entendre, and multi-syllable rhyme schemes of various speeds, he at this point is a self-proclaimed “Word Smith”.
“I want people to unlock new meaning from the song every time they listen to it. If you listen deep enough you’ll not only learn about the way I think, but about the way you do as well.”
No life is without its challenges, and Shannon was no exception to the rule. Having to deal with deep seated emotional trauma that resulted in heavy drug abuse, Shannon has emerged as an example that your past does not have to define your humanity.
Within the first Year of his rap career he was able to amass quite the following with various shows under the Rap Group Red Car Robbers. Long since separated, Delirious Fox aims to reshape the world from its path of destruction to its peaceful alternative; combining Science, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Innate knowledge of both Religious and Occult origin, and Esoteric beliefs.
“You are only limited by the extent of your Imagination.” – KMT

What up yall, there's something pretty heavy on my heart that I can't ignore anymore. Violence is nothing new in this country, but the level of hypocrisy is rising by the day. There isn't anything free about this country for a lot of people. The US isn't the only country dealing with this issue. There are thousands of deaths daily all around the world for one political reason or another; all holding their roots in Xionism. The only difference between the perception of violence today as apposed to 50 years ago is the use of technology. Today the entire world will know about an event within only a few minutes, and we are no longer dependent on the multi-billion dollar media corporations to tell us what is real. With knowledge comes light, and with that light the sinister intentions of man that have hidden so long in subterfuge become visible. And in this issue, I have a particular stake in. I am and always have been an African American. This is not to say that oli do not have love and respect for all other races, nations, religions, creeds, or orientations, but Alton Sterling could have been me. Philando Castille could have been you. Murdered. Innocent. But now dead. Leaving behind children to fear a world that targets them with no defense. There's a lesson in psychology known as classical conditioning. Through enough repetition the mind will automatically aquiesce to the stimuli. In this case the use of trigger words such as "black" or "white". I.e. "blackmail, blackout, black ice, black tuesday, etc" we in this country particularly have been trained from infancy to associate black with bad and white with good. These studies have been proven with children as young as 4 years old. It is for this reason that I'm changing my name to KMT, which was the original name of Egypt and translates to "The Black Lands". Because if it is black that is feared, then I will own that fear, if nothing more than to show you hope. It's time to wake up everyone, we've been on autopilot for too long. We can take our power back, but the war begins in the mind. Peace, Love, and Unity