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Kostantis Kourmadias, Nikolas Angelopoulos, Laura Shannon

Kostantis Kourmadias plays violin and saz with virtuosity and deep emotion, and sings in the traditional style, specializing in the oldest Greek music of the islands and Asia Minor, where his grandparents were born. He teaches Byzantine music at the Pallini Music High School in Athens, where for more than twenty-five years he has helped to pioneer the rebirth of the saz in Greek music. He often accompanies Laura in her dance seminars all over the world.

Nikolas Angelopoulos plays lafta and laouto with Christos Tsiamoulis, ensemble Dorόs, Kostantis and Laura and many other musicians. He is a rising star of the current generation of traditional Greek musicians.

Laura Shannon is known worldwide for her pioneering approach to traditional women's dances as tools for transformation. Weaving together three streams of folk dance, Sacred Dance and dance/movement therapy, Laura's teaching reveals the hidden wisdom and healing energy encoded in the dances. This is true for the music also: all of the dance songs she has selected for this CD contain insight, advice and comfort for those who dance them.

Dimitris Brendas plays traditional clarinet with ensemble Dorós and the Haïnides.

Ruth Hill's kanonaki beautifully fills out the picture of the Greek music of Constantinople and Asia Minor. She has played with Ross Daly, Yiorgos Kaloudis and many other artists.

Kyria Evanthia (Voula) Kourmadia, Kostantis’ mother, sings one of the songs she learned from her grandmother, Evanthia Tzevelekou, who was born in Smyrna in the late 19th century. It is an honour to bring the musical lineage of the family into this CD.