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Kris & Lark

Kris & Lark formerly called themselves Kuimba. Please search 'Kuimba' for additional titles by the duo.

Kris and Lark met in 1982 through their mutual interest in music and philosophy. Inspired by the great natural blend of their voices, they immediately began to collaborate as a vocal duo and songwriting team. It took a number of years of experimentation to combine the composing styles of a formally trained trombonist and an ear trained, self-taught vocalist, but ultimately each of the two different approaches enhanced the other, producing some very unique music.

THE MUSIC Listeners will find a mellow, upbeat mood here. Melodies with flavors of Folk, Blues, Africa and other cultures coalesce, underlined with compelling rhythms.

English and Swahili lyrics in this original music transmits messages to remind you 'life is good.'

The clear, earthy quality of Lark’s lead voice and Kris’ exuberant tenor blend in an unusually lovely way. Add to this, guitar, trombone, African harps and drum, and spicy percussion.

Kris & Lark communicate the significance of cultural and biodiversity diversity through a colorful and informative, story-telling style of presentation. This unique music with its bold sensual rhythms, lyrics, rap, and trombone solos is feel-good stuff. The audience is at times invited to participate, singing and clapping.