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2019 Rerelease of Little's first album Cant Nobody Love Me Like Me, Slowed and Chopped Ep and Hustler Ep Marijuana Single Little Larry's work can be seen in his massive catalogue of Underground Music which is featured on Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music Youtube Google Music and more.
2018 Recreational Album dedicated to the freedom to use cannabis and the medical cannabis movement A album for those partakers in the herbs of the Earth. Xiao La Li translation for Little Larry in Chinese a hot EP for fans of the MC with his lyrical sword taking out other MC's as well as show casing the bluesy side of things in track looking for a dollar.Little Larry has also released instrumental singles with song singles staying true to his word and letting his library of music be available to the world. With the release of the album 2 Little Larry continues to flex his variety of styles and MC skills and song making abilities. I.R.L The album In Real Life is a re release of his previous album which had sample clearance issues Larry decided to take off the songs that had not received clearance and put the album out with new material to replace the sample clearance issued songs that the producer didn't clear. Instrumentals 2 another album released 2018 features 18 original compositions by the composer known as Little Larry. The beats a.k.a. instrumentals are perfect for any background music needed to help get you through the day. And to end the year a Christmas Album titled "A Larry Christmas." a dank way to end the year.
Little Larry kept it lit in 2017continues to flex his variety of styles singles being released gearing up for 2018 in music releasing all unreleased material from the archives. From instrumental beats to songs Little Larry's Library is a full collection of music sonic experimentation engineered for certain sound scenarios and situations breaking the mold of commonality to give the individual listener an experience of equalizers put in car stereos in 1990's. And that . tape deck effect Little Larry calls it when you hear that pop of the tape stopping because it reach the end. Almost like sampling the crackle of a record spinning in circles.
LITTLELARRYMUSIC.COM was also launched to capture the moments of the Great Release of music from the underground activist music artist MC and producer.

The Real E Z Money from Oakland California. Rapper from the mean streets of West Oakland E Z raps about real life moments that have happened before his eyes.
Teaming up with Berkeley California Legend Little Larry on the production and a hot verse the single from the upcoming collaboration project Option is a trunk pounding everybody gonna hear you down the block type of song and even if u have little speakers. Working with Lee Majors and Side Industry Strategic Boyz and more The Real E Z Money finally decided to pursue his solo career. Inspired by Tim Jr lil bruh E Z had to lay down some fresh new raw lyrics to one of the coldest beats ever. Seeing Too Short in the hood also inspired The Real E Z Money to stay true and real with his art form loving music at early an age listening too all types of great music

The East Bay Area underground legend Little Larry 2016 Album Retro Active features ODB aka Ol Dirty Bastard and more.The Concept of Retro Active was to show how the old can be relevant in today's world and music scene just like elders with wisdom. Sometime you are sitting on ideas or jewels that will hold value for years and not realize it because today's world doesn't place as much value on art and life as we do death.
After combing through the tapes and L Files the once lost footage of Little Larry Interviewing ODB aka Ol' Dirty Bastard was found. And instantly Little Larry uploaded the video to ( too share with the world l. And inspired by ODB's words Little Larry decided too release an audio version available on his album Retro Active which features unreleased songs from the underground MC from Berkeley California.
The album also features Harm from the Rich,. Deli Tha Villain, Sir Wealthy aka A.C.L, Fairview Rossi, Mac Dash Mone, Limo G, Natural Lee Dope, Zakiya, J.I.,Koont.Ms Beanva. All contributed to this fresh sharply produced album. With inspiration from beyond the physical realm.


This L D O G B T O W N album features production from Pete Wonder on the song Like Jew Money an International Anthem. Sinestro Enigma produced Purple in the Air the 420 legalization decriminalization dedication which has a video to go along with it@Youtube and Vimeo courtesy Bazooka Mama Productions Carlos Grana. Dj Savvy added production and some fresh cuts to the Little Larry beat Gin Gin My New Best Friend a good Drinking Song. Rossi Mac aka Fairview Rossi produced New Twerk Song the worldwide party jam with over 4,417,686 Million views . 47 out of the 50 songs were produced by LITTLE LARRY on his creative masterpiece L D O G B T O W N.
L D O G B T O W N represents apart of Little Larry's Legacy in music with half the album being instrumental only and the other half featuring only Little Larry. It's the first time Little Larry has done an album with no features from any of his Famous friends. "I wasn't passing the mic on this one this album is all me LDOG from BTOWN Berkeley California on this record." Little Larry's Legacy of Music and Cannabis Activism will forever be remembered among his peers Nicknamed MR Medical Marijuana for his work in the medical cannabis movement throughout the East Bay Area and especially in his hometown of Berkeley California. Little Larry was on the frontlines in the battle to legalize cannabis in The United States of America. The Berkeley California East Bay Area Legend Little Larry Legacy continues to grow with the release of new music in 2016
L DOG BTOWN aka Little Larry Berkeley California underground Hip Hop Legend Performed with MAC NARD at Foothill Square show with Spice 1 at age 12. At 13 LDOG aka Little Larry formed the Pimp Shot Click with the homies and rocked talents shows and ciphers. At 14 GLOC Gangstas Living On The Creep. And attending Berkeley High School LDOG continued to rock shows with 2Raw at Henry J kaiser Center who would later become the Oakland famous group 3xKrazy. Then the Live Lyricist Society freestyles with Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics and countless other MC's and crews who ventured through the hip hop Mecca of the East Bay at the time Berkeley California. Joining up with The Flipsyde member Piper at age 16 landed Little Larry in a record deal with Pointt Blank records and allowed Little Larry to produce his first single. Blessed to work with Alonzo Jackson and Dre on this single featuring Piper and Little Larry on the beat it got a few spins on KMEL I Wanna Know Ya Little Larry Bmi publishing. This opened up doors and by 1998 March Edition with Ice Cube On Cover of THE Source Magazine Little Larry still rocking with his homie the No The Piper (The Flipsyde) they received a write up in the magazine for No Jokeland the whole crew Silk E Unknown Danesha Starr. Little Larry always a team player also produced a single for the homie G Da Unknown released 1997 titled Late Night Freak@No Question Studios Lil Pep Roots Magazine also kept the music going with promotion as Little Larry engineered for Lil Pep at the studio. Working with Numskull of The Luniz, Goldy from Dangerous Crew (Too Short) Little Larry was known as a young beat making Mc and studio engineer. Little Larry was rocking with his Cyto P homies and producing unforgettable songs like P's and Q's as well and doing shows performing with all soon to be stars in the Bay Area hip hop underground scene. Check out CYTO P 1996 Live from the Cactus Club San Jose Also along the musical journey Little Larry worked with Al Eaton and Pee Wee Digital Underground and TooShort Produce,Otis and Shug,Mike Concepcion, Mac Dash Mone, Dwayne Wiggins, Mike D, Sonny B, Simon Tocclo just to name a few people who shared there knowledge and wisdom with Little Larry on music and life itself." Hip hop battles to freestyling on King Tech and Sway Wake Up Show Little Larry stayed being heard through out the underground hip hop scene. When S.i.l.k. - E won the MTV Contest The Cut With Judges KRS ONE Lisa Left Eye Lopes of TLC. Big Sister Silk E invited Little Larry down to Hollywood for her video that was aired and featured on MTV across the nation and world Little Larry got his cameo on and the way he was moving you can see how his legacy was built. Little Larry all the while producing for his friend The Flipsyde Piper at the time No The Piper and recording material for his first solo album Can't Nobody Love Me Like Me with Indie Label Taken For Granted Recordings also a World Wide Graffiti Crew TFG Little Larry performed at every venue available for Hip hop in the Bay Area gaining a legendary status because people would see this guy everywhere. "Working with Phillip Byers and JR Rotem was classic Etah, Ces One, Gremlin1114,Q Shy,Hodari B. Davis,Natural Lee Dope,Jinho Ferreira,CMPX,Mosses Milliyons,Harm,One Drop Scott(Con Funk Shun) Rebelz,Dapps,Big Fred, J Roll,Mike,Wayne,Stevie K ,Charlie O,Krypto, Hittaz On The Payroll, Jymbo, 500, Ski Da Lo, Norm Nizzle, Agerman,Cyto Patnas fasho all good times with my musical family." says Little Larry. "Dj Fresh, Mr Tower, Mo-P, P.O.E.T, everybody i ever rocked with it was fun." A Boy and His Dog video show the most underlying thing that makes Little Larry's status as a Berkeley California Underground Hip Hop Rap Legend. During the midst of all these shows produced songs studio sessions ciphers battles, Little Larry managed to host a Hip Hop Video Show named A Boy and His Dog which aired on BTV Berkeley California's Cable Channel 3 times a week from 1994 to 2002. "Now that i look back on it we had our own You tube channel before Youtube back then and this help people stay up to date on me Little Larry a Berkeley rap artist it served as great tool in securing my place in the Hip Hop history for my city Berkeley California. The video show was all G Da Unknown's idea Masai Murihia great film director thank you."

Little Larry's work with Pee Wee (Too Short and Digital Underground producer) Alonzo Jackson(Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Destiny Child), Mac Dash Mone, Al Eaton Too Short producer) One Drop Scot (Con Funk Shun and Mac Dre just to name a few people these greats have produced for) on production inspired Little Larry to keep going being a Battle MC also has kept Little Larry's skills sharp on the mic. Always down to work on some music Little Larry has been rocking the underground east Bay Area scene for years they asking where's Larry like where's Waldo.

Cytoplasmic was an idea Little Larry had to feature Bas One from Style Elements Crew and Cytoplasmz Cyto P on all Little Larry Style of beats. It was spectacular to hear Bas One vibe out with Little Larry the Berkeley California Legend and make this fresh Hip Hop Album. The sound of the recordings have a funk element to them with Little Larry playing the keyboards. Production also from Dig Dug, Bas One and Gremlin1114 give this album a truly original sound out of the California Bay Area known for original music. With Little Larry leading the way telling his life through verses Bas holds his own with his own stories of life. If u are a fan of style and different rap styles you will like this album.

Little Larry's entrance into the mixtape world has gotten him some notice from major industry players.

Whats good. This is grammy nominated producer K.E. On The Track. I just checked out some music you posted on Datpiff. you have some dope music. your email was in the bio so i decided to write. Lets link up and make a summer Smash.
Hey whats good. I listened to your music and reached out before. Just seeing if your serious. Your talent speaks for itself, you just need that Major single....i got the perfect tracks for you. and i also got radio behind.. Lets go ahead and get to work..
XXL made me producer of the year also

We checked your Mixtape out on and want to play some tracks on our radio station . We are always looking for new hot music to add to our rotation and if you're interested please send us your properly tagged mp3's tracks. We broadcast 24/7 and play the hottest underground artists in the game from all over the world. There is never a charge for airplay...all we want is hot music to keep our listeners and sponsors happy. You must use the "Submit Your Music" link on in order for us to add your tracks. We can not download your music from a link because there will be no proof you gave permission for us to play your songs. Check our station out and see why we are the #1 radio station for independent artists.

BULLHEADED ENT. & FILMS (CHIP-A-BOIZ) fucks w/Little Larry! My nigga go... FUCK YOU HATERZ! We trying to unite. It's you niggaz w/ no vision or inspiration need shut the fuck-up! My little nigga got heart. That's more then I can say for you SUCKAZ...

Instrumentals Little Larry's newest album includes fifty original instrumentals created from the mind of LITTLE LARRY. Decisions of getting all the hot music off the computer and out to the world was a real determination behind this project. Talking with other artist who lost there laptops or hard drives crashing with all there best material on there, Little Larry didn't want to fall victim to the same things he new were happening to great legendary artist in the new digital musician age.

THE REAL E Z MONEY OPTION FT LITTLE LARRY is the new single from Oakland California artist The Real E Z Money which features production from LITTLE LARRY as well as a hot verse and LDOGGY on the hook.


Album Notes
Born and raised in Oakland California, Heavy Dudey has been surrounded by a melting pot of talent for his entire life. Starting his rap career in 2006 as a freestyle rapper inside of hot-boxed cars, he developed his style while jokingly performing in from of friends. In 2011 he met producer and engineer, Fairview Rossi who after hearing his talent allowed him studio time in Berkeley on Gilman Street. It was in this studio that Heavy Dudey created his first two projects, "Call of Dudey The Mixtape" and the zombie thrill ride "The Dead Daze" featuring Gremlin 1114, and Little Larry, both from Berkeley. Since leaving the Gilman Street Studios, Fairview Rossi has mixed and mastered yet another project for Heavy Dudey "Wobble-Hop." Hip hop with a more electric approach featuring artists J.Lately, Miss Haze, Bottom Notch, Miller-Mills, and MCL.

Keeping active doing multiple features with artists he met performing at shows all around the Bay Area, Heavy Dudey is ready to put out his first full length album, DUDEY CALLS. This is the first single off DUDEY CALLS, "OUTTA MY WAY." Be sure to catch the music video on youtube.
Hoodslam & Little Larry's performance is where the East Bay Legend title was introduced in article leading up to the event. As Hoodslam is a wrestling crowd who favors rock over rap yet the East Bay Area Legend Little Larry blending right in. Rapping in the wrestling ring with Gremlin1114 &ACL aka Sir Wealthy Little Larry bounced on the rings ropes as he played main performer and Hype man while his fellow artist did there respective songs. The Legend from the East Bay Area energy could be felt through out the crowd keeping pace with the high energy skilled moves of all the Hoodslam performers. Doing underground shows that not many other artist can pull off is the Legend Little Larry's niche. You never know where u might find the Purple Fire Snake

BOB Hey!
I will never forget that day I cam across your music. I went listened to each tune and could not believe it. Every track was so awesome. After each I hit replay. I probably played it 5 times in a row that first time. I barely got any sleep that day because I was so happy and proud of you!! I called my best friends Miranda and Angela to come and listen. They were excited too. I didn't want to stop listening and I was even playing it tonight. Besides NEW TWERK SONG, it is my favorite. Hearing for the first time was like completely a spiritual moment in my life.

God bless ya!!

Hey....Your tracks are just great and I believe your music

inspires a lot of people to follow you. I wonder how come I didn't

know about you earlier.

Please never give up makin such a great music for us!!! a BIG thank you!!! btw my fav is New twerk song

Great sound. Birthday Party is a stunning piece of music. Fantastic.

Watching people around me being challenged by the seasonal vibrations. When I feel it start to invade my space I turn the music up louder. Listening to Birthday party right now helps!

NEW TWERK SONG is the one of my best tunes by You!
Keep em coming!

NEW TWERK SONG, love it, need more traks like this you better than many fake artists out there

yo yoyo...absolutely fab da traks i luv it very much...PURPLE IN THE AIR ahhh..that's my fave for today

Please never give up makin such a great music for us!!! a BIG thank you!!! btw my fav is New twerk song

I never get bored this tune BIRTHDAY PARTY. I love this tune so much and Thanks for producing this track.

Purple in the air What a good tune. Much respect and admiration. Its a blessing to hear something like this when one starts to think: are we really inspired enough these days?
Thank You!

Yeah, congratulations for BIRTHDAY PARTY! Amazing song! Looking forward to any updates.

NEW TWERK SONG excellent song, I like it more n more.

new twerk song, didn't like it the first time I heard it, the overall sound threw me off but it took some time getting used to it,
it wasn't what I was expecting, but it grows on you.

About the tunes: they are really good, I love the sounds... I've been really captured by this one which is called New Twerk Song. I really like it!! I hope my support will help you and soon I'll listen to your new music!

many Regards!!
LITTLE LARRY thanks a lot to working with The Flipsyde's rapper Piper aka No The Piper. L always had the flows and Piper came with the connects business wise to make and propel early studio session funding and record labels. Signed at 17 to Pointt Blank Records Piper helped Little Larry secure his first record deal.Which allowed Little Larry to meet and work with Pee Wee and Alonzo Jackson Dwayne Wiggins Mike D Sonny B and countless others Mac Dash Mone. In the early years after attending Berkeley High School Little Larry and Piper had taken the underground by storm putting out classic music that still sounds good to this day. "Piper always was like my Big brother i never had." quotes Little Larry. "Given me game on the game of life even until this day making sure I stay away from the snitches." I always got love for my day one niggas know matter what life takes us through. Ain't nobody perfect yet all strive to be and i except people as they are no matter the faults or perceived weakness for there is strength in every one."

Little Larry's newest album titled B E A T S is the second instrumental album from artist LITTLE LARRY. Featuring a modest thirty exciting beats Little Larry is displaying the vibes that have been behind the scenes of Hip Hops biggest stars. Dj Chill Statis says "L u got this skateboard music sound." Little Larry described his sound as "space plane music ready to travel galaxies."
Little Larry's 1994 interview of ODB aka Ol' Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang Clan Berkeley High School Epic Visit By Raekwon Method Man Ghostface ODB and more to Berkeley High School Campus to promote 36 Chambers Album and more. Youtube Video Link


Little Larry and Ol' Dirty Bastard vibe out you tube link:

Little Larry's first auto tune song Love dedicated to his daughter.