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Lars L. Lien

Lars Lien is the typically detached, reflective sort, which makes him able to endure the social-political brutality under which he lives; the police has kept him in a form of custody for many years and he's been betrayed by officials in court, where outrageous reports have described him as a dangerous 'retard', and ill. At the age of 40, he released the politically motivated, groundbreaking work, 'The Other Side'; and by mid-2016 he decided to go public with the fact that he has been sacrificed by political - and spiritual authorities within the illuminati, that he is, in fact, a resolute and high-minded person and a highly evolved soul and that this is reflected in his work. He is now 44. There's nothing wrong about Lien; he is also a fine poet and has a profound insight in the mysteries of life and the game of chess.

In January 2019 he will release the 4 part classical work, 'The Fallen,' and a new album, 'Aye Sea,' is planned for August.