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Laura Pieratt

Laura Pieratt is an intuitive energy and sound healer, channel, writer and teacher gifted with the unique ability of speaking the Language of Light. This divine language of powerfully transformative energy words, tones and songs contains divine light frequencies. For one who is receptive, such energies can activate spiritual awakening, accelerating healing, removal of blocks, cellular re-patterning and consciousness evolution, as you attune to your True Soul Light. It is time to awaken, heal and transform so you can joyfully live and create in full alignment with your greatest divine potential.

The focus of my Humanity Rising work is to support soul awakening and consciousness raising for humanity's and earth's ascension. Everyone now has the opportunity to release the past and embody Divine Love and Unity Consciousness in this lifetime. It is time to awaken and remember Who You Are. You are more than this body, this incarnation and your perceived limitations. You are an eternal divine multidimensional soul with remarkable gifts and a heart of pure love. At some deep inner level you know that and it has guiding you to read these words. I am one who awakens the sleepers. My gift is an ability to help you very quickly awaken, heal and transform through higher light frequency alignments, DNA activations and Light Codes to activate soul qualities, gifts and wisdom dormant perhaps, but already present within you.

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