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Lindsey Mills ...the original a Canadian Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist. She is originally from the Windsor-Detroit area with strong roots in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Lindsey is now living and loving the beautiful Niagara Region. Growing up in two countries has been beneficial to her "World of Music." Lindsey's exposure to a wide variety of music has earned her a reputation of being an eclectic musician, songwriter and high energy performer and entertainer who is filled with true passion.

She has performed throughout Canada and the United States and continues to tour and travel and touch people with her music and through her stories. Her humble beginnings as a performer started when playing in Detroit at the "Soup Kitchen" in the warehouse district in Downtown Detroit where Lindsey played with and was mentored by some amazing and now well-known musicians.

When people ask how would you describe Lindsey's music writing and stylings, the answer is always challenging for people, even for Lindsey herself. She is truly eclectic and cannot be labeled into one category. Music is in her blood and you can feel the passion in her lyrics and musical arrangements on her albums and during live performances.

Her first song was written when she was 13 years old and she titled the song after her Father "Malcolm Is His Name". Since then Lindsey has written over 500 songs of eclectic stylings from Classical to Jazz, Country to Folk, Rock to Rap, Contemporary Christian and Reflective Music for Meditation and Orchestral Stylings. And from the beginning of time Lindsey has recreated cover tunes in a time when it was unique and rare and as of today people are doing it all the time - she is always ahead of her time. She has a unique way of styling other Artist's music to make it her own.

Studying music since the age of four, became a music director and professional performer at age 15 and started teaching at age 20. Lindsey can play over a dozen instruments and her natural gift of curiosity leads her regularly into exploring and learning many others.    

Lindsey's eclectic background is evident in her versatile performances and, in her teaching and directing style. Her gentle, down to earth, empowering and humorous nature enable Lindsey to create an instant friendship with her audiences, students and music ministries.