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Lou Seriol

The Lou Seriol were born in 1992, on the wave of the rediscovery and revaluation of the Occitan music. One year after their birth, the group started experimenting with not properly “traditional” instruments. Then since 1994 the will to talk to people and to be listened to started taking them to play around Italy and France. During that year the actual group composition was born (drum, bass guitar, guitar, voice, flutes-bagpipes, “semitun”), even though the single instruments of the “Occitan squirrels” have actually been played by different musicians during the years.
Raggae, punk and ska-core started influencing the Lou Seriol’s traditional “corente” and “rigodon” since the beginning, preparing the way that took them on the stage of national and international festivals, from France to Spain, from Pays Basque (they were the first foreign group to play in a Basque festival) to Austria.
Their popularity and their music production started growing.
In year 2000 the Squirrels managed to give birth to their first album called “Persi Pien”, in which the first results of their mix of traditional songs and ballads, upset in their spirit, but not in their soul, were evident. “Persi Pien” is their first self-made production that literally threw them into a 2 year tour, during which almost 3.000 copies were sold!
In year 2003 they started working on a new album. At the end of 2004 a 7th “Squirrel” became part of the group: it was the artistic producer and friend Riccardo Parravicini. In Spring 2005 the new album was almost ready: its title would be “Reviori”.
In this album the new tracks are together with some traditional ones, but the personal character of the group gains advantage. One of the strength point of this album is the contribution of many friends, who have been recorded on some tracks: from the Massilia Sound System with the voice Jale-Papet J to the Lou Dalfin with Dino Tron and Sergio Berardo and their own instruments, from the Nux Vomica from Nice (France), with Luis Pastorelli, to the choir L'Escabot and the voice of the Director Simondi, in the song “L'ase d'alegre”.
Thanks to all of them, a unique and partly magic album has come out, strictly linked to and rooted in the Occitan land, which the Lou Seriol have travelled through, have known deeply and have warmed up with more than 500 concerts and many many liters of exclusively alcoholic drinks.