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Loveunlimited Ministries

LoveUnlimited Ministries is a ministry from The Netherlands, founded by Robin Prijs. The ministry was formerly known as Jaweh Ministries International, which was known for the Heart of Worship Conferences in The Netherlands, with - among others - Terry MacAlmon and Craig & Gail Docksteader.

The biggest testimony in regard to Jesus Christ were not the signs and miracles. It were the lives that had been changed. And I’m talking about real change. The sort of change that friends, family and everyone you know would notice. It is the testimony “Jesus changed my life”, while everyone is able to see and confirm it. God never changed. Jesus never changed. This still is the biggest testimony of all. It is huge. Change may not come in a day, but it will come as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Real change. Hearts that are completely surrendered to Jesus. Lives that are completely restored. That is what LoveUnlimited is about.

Real change doesn’t come from our own efforts. If we want the same results that Jesus had, we have to move and act in the same Spirit. Therefore we choose to be completely depended on the Holy Spirit, in everything we do. It is only the Word of God, through the power of Jesus Christ and by His Holy Spirit, that has the power to bring the real change. The sort of change that lasts. Our own efforts will just bring religion. The Holy Spirit will bring real change, and because of that there is freedom.