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Lucy Four

Lucy Four

The members of Lucy Four have been paying their dues on the stages of hell with blood and sweat for thirty years.
Forcing their music in a neatly labeled box is a thing of the past – Lucy Four make Rock in the best tradition of the 70’s without turning “retro”.
The focus of the music is the song, held together by the groove of drummer Pidi Leuenberger and bassist Kudi Heeg. This rhythm section is a well-oiled machine, perfectly tuned over decades, light on their feet but with the punch of a brutal punk rock attack. On top of this foundation, Rey Misterio’s reduced to-the-max guitar riffs go straight through your bones while his catchy solos, defying any rock’n’roll clichés, transcend a whole new stratosphere. The only thing to round out the Lucy Four sound is Pascal Henchoz’ blistering voice delivering the right hooks and melodies with a demanding ferocity.
This sound was captured by producer Reto Peter (Green Day, The Counting Crows, Flipsyde) focusing on retaining the hot, raw and dynamic energy of this killer live band. No big guitar production, samples or endless editing - Lucy Four sound on record like they sound live. Their album “Burn in paradise” is groove, feedback and pure energy but primarily satisfies all the dark souls from the downbeat to the last feedback with electrifying moments of anthemic proportions. A brazen punch in the face, a blistering blow to the gut, swifts kicks in the ass, and ecstatic earworms to balance it all out.
Rock’n’Roll for the seasoned!

Rey Misterio, Guitars
Pascal Tallarico, Vocals
Pidi Criscoula, Drums
Kudi M. Heeg, Bass