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Luke-G is a composer specialized in production of original electronic and instrumental music. He plays the piano from the age of six, as freedom of expression, feeling and emotion, in a natural way. He loves music: there is always a melody that reflects the state of mind, an emotion and a particular moment in life... so nothing is set, everything born from improvisation of an instrument, a sound, a rhythm.
Luke-G says: "In the night, when I'm in front of the piano, my mind is free to think and my hands are free to play. A sound of a soft piano... musical chords of a synth pad... a drum section played manually or programmed at drum machine... a warm bass line... all these things are mixed up one by one to get a "thrill". If that "thrill" comes... I start to record each part verse by verse. I don't know how... but a new song is born !"