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Lyndsie Barrie

After graduating high school, this small town Canadian girl knew only three things about money; you work for it, you spend it and you save some. Growing up in an outdoorsy family, we spent lots of time quadding, horseback riding, moose hunting and boating and very little time talking about how money works. I used to think “saving” meant burying money in a coffee can in the back forty or hiding it under my mattress!! The concept of putting money to work instead of just trading hours for dollars wasn’t introduced to me until I was a 20-year-old hairstylist.

One day, as I was cutting a business owner’s hair, he asked me if I wanted to own a salon in the future. I informed him that managing employees didn’t appeal to me. He said if I wasn’t planning on being a business owner myself, I should learn about investing in other people’s businesses to make money. He recommended a book called Smart Couples Finish Rich, and my passion for investing began while reading that book.

Soon after arriving in Cochrane, Alberta, I began my career as an investment & life insurance broker with the title “Financial Advisor”. About half of my clients were looking for investment ideas only. The other half wanted help with cash flow management and planning for their futures. The investment firm’s “Financial Advisor” training was focused on building & protecting investment portfolios – not cash flow management. I was struggling with the ups and downs of my commission income combined with my poor money management skills. Each time a client would ask for help with “budgeting”, I’d think “I can’t teach something I don’t know!!!”

During the first year of my financial coaching career, I was asked to volunteer with Junior Achievement teaching middle school students about topics you and I wish we had learned in middle school:
1. Cash flow management
2. Saving
3. Starting & growing your own business
4. Investing

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Each time I sell an audiobook, e-book or paperback, I donate $1 to Junior Achievement. I know the huge impact this great organization is having on the lucky students who get access to JA's programs. Unfortunately, there are too many schools slipping through the cracks due to lack of volunteers and lack of funding. I want to change that.

As I began utilizing Junior Achievement's cash flow management keys to overcome my own money struggles, I shifted the focus of my client conversations from key 4 (investing) to keys 1, 2 & 3 – how to manage money like a successful business owner. My life began making an impact on those who needed help getting to the point where they could invest – not just those who already had loads of money to invest.

Inevitably, the investment firm and I parted ways. Barrie Financial Consulting was born. I discovered more and more money success keys in books, audiobooks, Ted Talks, podcasts and live mentors, which I turned into presentations, articles and videos. In 2017, I combined these keys with the conversations I’ve had with many 39 Forever Moms to create my first book.

My son and I love our life in Alberta, Canada. Much of my time is spent driving my son from karate to baseball or hockey. “Me time” is spent hiking with my dogs, playing outdoor sports with friends and reading. Before I turn 40, I’ll own land near a creek with a great swimming hole where I’ll build a solar-powered cabin. My adventures will include hunting on horseback in Alaska.