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Lyra Fra Nord

The nordic, viking sound?
“Lyra fra Nord” is a Norwegian/ Swedish band. In English, our name would be translated to “The Lyre from the North”. Our songs are inspired by the ancient Viking-culture of the Scandinavian countries. Our target audience are individuals, museums, libraries, associations and media throughout the world.
The Viking Age is often characterized by thoughts focusing on freedom, but also how you deeply feel that you are connected to a context. What you do really does matter, also in the realm of the gods.
Our songs are trying to catch a perspective on The Viking Age that deals with the thought on how you would act and think according to kin traditions. No one knows how the music would have sounded. We have only traces to follow. But there is a search going on for serious music that deals with The Viking Age.
Our main question is : During The Viking Age; How could you use a lyre along with the singing of tales that were important in order to survive?
Do “Lyra fra Nord” have the answer to this question? Listen to our music, and judge for yourself .
Rolf Agaton ( Sweden), Tone Holte( Norway) and John Vedde ( Norway)