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MANJIA LUO - International Performing Violinist, Awards Pianist/ Composer and Dancer who performs in a passionate, natural grace, ballerina style. Her music & performances have touched many hearts, often bring her audiences into tears of joy.

In 2012, Manjia's piano composition "Bunny Run Through An Easter Tunnel" won two national awards. One is MusicOz Awards 2012, Top 5 in Jazz/Classical , nominated at Sydney Opera House in May 2012. One is ASA Awards 2012 , The 4th Place in Instrumental, awarded in Dec. 2012.

Manjia latest Solo Concert at Sydney Opera House in Dec. 2012, Titled " Water & Life - Piano & Violin Concert".

In 2008, Manjia won the ACC grant (Australian - Chinese Council, Australian government grant) toured at Universities in Beijing & Guangzhou of China for her solo concert, titled "The Earth & Life - Manjia Concert & Photography Visual Exhibition"

Manjia has released more than 15 CDs & 2 HD DVDs and conduct hundreds solo concerts in Public & Private since 2005. From 2010 to 2012, Manjia public performance have been activiting at stages of Sydney Exhibition Center, Melbourne Exhibition Center, Adelaide Exhibition Center, Brisbane Exhibition Center, for her new music promotion at Body - Mind - Spirit Festival , and touring twice per year. Manjia theater solo concerts / public performances from 2005 to 2010 also including Manly Arts Festival 2005, 2010; Riverside Theaters Parammatta 2010 "Blue Heaven - Piano & Violin", New Council Festival 2010, Hobart Winery 2009, 2010 etc .
(Manjia was born in China, Live in Australia).

1. Album: 'Brain & Ocean Surge' (2009) - Heavenly music for massage / meditation / tai chi / yoga .

Music omposed / performed by Manjia Luo

2. Album: 'Season's Greetings' (2009) - Manjia Music for holiday, relaxing, meditation, healing.

Music composed / Violin & Piano performed by Manjia Luo

3. Album: 'Talking Beads' ( 2009) - Manjia Piano Music for relaxing, therapy, meditation.

Music composed / performed by Manjia Luo

4. Album: 'Dance With Me' (2009) - Manjia Dance Music for exercise, dance, inspireing, anti-depression healing.

Music composed/ performed by Manjia Luo

5. Album: 'Nature's Romance' DVD (2008) - Hi- difination for home environment/ relaxation/ therapy/ fengshui energy/entertainment.

Violin performed by Manjia Luo.
Filming Director: Christopher Collins, Producer: Martin Gunness.
Composers: Manjia Luo/ Ken Davis/Stuward Dudley/Fiona Hawkins.
Scene locations : Sydney, Australia. DVD lable : manjia music

6. Album: 'Sleeping Beauty' - Music by Manjia Luo, for relaxation, meditation, healing.

7. Album: 'Nature's Romance' - by Manjia Luo

Music by Manjia Luo / Ken Davis, Violin Performed by Manjia Luo

8. Album: 'Blue Bird' - by Manjia Luo

Music composed and performed by Manjia Luo