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M.I.Z. Profile
M.I.Z. is a composer and a music producer born in Japan in 1960. He has established a reputation in his massive compositions and dynamic performances. He composed music for Tokyo Kousaten written by SHINDO Kaneto (awarded with the Citation Award in the Drama Section at the 1991 International Electronic Cinema Festival in Montreux). His previous works include music for films such as The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, The Laws of Eternity, Body Jack, TV programs including “NHK Special, THE FIRST EMPEROR,” the exhibition, “Heiankyo 1200th Anniversary, the Grand Tang and Chang-an Exhibition at the Museum of Kyoto,” the theme park, “Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch” and the commercial spot for Asahi Kasei Corporation (awarded with the ACC (All Japan Radio & Television Commercial Confederation) Best Series of the Year). Besides, he exerts himself for creation of a new music world based on his original themes while being engaged in a wide scope of creative activities such as production of a variety of music as a member of the project team produced by TOMITA Isao, an authority on synthesizer music.

About M.I.Z.
TOMITA Isao, a globally-acclaimed synthesizer musician, commented on the music of M.I.Z., who also acted as a member of Tomita’s project team, as follows: “His music, with the spectacular feelings reminiscent of Wagner and Mahler, possesses the mystique as if seen in the landscape of clouds hemmed with a golden color which soon welcome the appearance of the sun showering layers of light down over the land…” (for the Original Soundtrack CD of NHK Special, “THE FIRST EMPEROR”). M.I.Z. enjoys extremely high acclaim. He has worked on music for various films, TV programs, commercial spots and events in Japan and largely contributed to the success of each project. However, despite the approval of his ability as a first-class musician, M.I.Z. has refused to become the “central player” in the past for some reason. It is maybe because he had been waiting for “time.” And finally, these albums are released to the world. Who on earth will be among the first to discover this “hidden treasure in Asia”? Before long, people all over the world will witness the way the music of M.I.Z. comes to shine the hearts of people on the Earth just like the rising sun.