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i know i am late(2 years..) with this "news" letter and you only recieve it because doug,the man who sold us the van that brought us all the way down the panamericana wants to know how the story endet.
so.After beeing on tour in europe we found or car with low battery,flat tires and a funny smell looked kind of dead.In two hours we brought it back to live and drove it to urugay where we met klaus from the "hebel-brother" (andres y carlos) abandonned us for this trip we needet a new front man.juani was so angry that he refused to use our bandname so we called the band los gitabanos(you tube).that time mañana me chanto didnt exist anymore in its old form.So we lerned the "hgits" from our friend klaus who also just had a break from his band los yukas.Uruguay was fantastic.we played in barra de valiza wher andres "perro" our trombone player became extreemly famous.we just played a show with our friends from "made in barcelona" when "perro" andres perez continued the show all by itself playing hits from los "fabulous cadillacs" just with his trombone and the audience singing.It was the peak of the party.and lasted about 40
The next days we got followed and filmed by some urugay tv station and we escaped to brazil before it got broadcasted.We went to floripa where we played our song 2quiero ser policia" to the audience who were mostly policemen filling theyr guts.the waiters had to run out to go laugh outside since the cops there behaved every day like pigs filling theyr guts.since they didnt wear uniforms we didnt knew.but ist was extreemly hard passing the hat and sell cd's.Then we went to missiones picking up juan a joug guitar player since klaus went back to urugay.we played at the cataratas and disu our camera man joined the band playing harmonika.perro went to chile.the band broke in peaces.When juan and lisa left us i took our van to its last trip with disu and luciana throug paraguay paying a lot of bakschis to pass as a gringo and when we arrived in yakuiba,bolivia we heard that they will block the roads at midnight.even we already booked the hotel and were
terribly tired i decided to drive on.i still remeber from the last time that it can take moths here till they open the road again.disu had to stay since he wasnt shure that he will catch his flight being trapped in bolivia.the easy road was already closed for a week and the mountain road will be closed at the race begun!
sliding the curves, breaking hard before stones,stopping at rivers having a look where to cross(we were just two and couldnt free a stucked car, no errors allowed).and then i missjudged a curve and only a little mudwall prevented us to fall off the cliff!from then on luciana was competely silent.and me full of adrenalin that kept me awake after already driving 35 hours!!!poor girl what fear she must have be in not having the steering wheel in her hands!just feeling the slides of the car...we made it to the palce where they wanted to block the road and it was already closed!i went to ask when they block the road and they aswered "now!" so i responded oh then i will be the last car passing? even they closed the road already i had the honour to pass officially in front of the press as the last car before they closed the street!we made it!now a rest? now! we got the information that they will block more roads tomorrow and that at 6 in the morning they close
the street for construckion making it impossible to pass before they close more roads.the race continued.we made it before 6 but the construcionaerea was so bad that we ripped off the power steering again and got stucked touching the ground.i planned to get on the side off the road risking to fall off the cliff to pass when luciana fraked out.she was shure i will fall off the cliff.i was shure if i do i will have enough time to jump off the car.I gave it a try ignoring her and i made it!but the next 3 hours she woudnt speak a word with me anymore.I lent some tools from a truck and liberated our powersteering pump by taking out the belt.poor pump was running dry.we came to a city and i had the powersteering lines repaired and we drove on to pass the point they wanted to block.after more than 50 hours without sleep we fall into bed in a hotel where we got waken up by the police declaring themself as interpol confiscating my passport.i had to go to the
office.when i knew that all they wanted is some money (bakschish,coima)i got angry and when i saw the boss off the police station i asked him why his officers take off theyr name labels asking for money molesting tourists just to get money not to prevent crimes.they smelled problems with me and gave me back my passport immediately and we drove on.Finally we made it to sucre where i sold our car after driving it 60'000 km to a friend for $400.-(actually for a lot more but we never got payed).I dont know if my friend ever payed the $2000 customs and if i can enter bolivia again without problems...
we also had luck on our way back and i made it over potosi out of the country catching just my flight back to europe.
this adventures for doug in portland who sold us such a good car that has the "holy" status for us behaving sooo good and never leting us down.
yes i really think that this car had a soul
marco, who write this in buenos aires where i am right now with luciana who will be the mother of our child hopefully in january...

here some links of what we've been doing the last few month...