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Manuel De Peppe

MANUEL DE PEPPE: Producer-Arranger-Songwriter-Singer-Actor...

Language: He's Bi language with Italian and English.

Manuel De Peppe was born in Milan. He has studied acting, music, dubbing, vocal, piano, drums in the C.T.A. academy of Milan. At the age of 14 he passed the S.I.A.E. musician/composer examination. His first television appearance as a pianist/composer was back in 1984 being on children’s show on Telelombardia.
1985 - He was a guest on 2 other TV shows on Telecity, where the audience already showed their appreciation and admiration for this young talent. And the same time he began to work with advertising commercials and fashion photography.
1986 - He interpreted the character of "MATT" (the drummer of Bee Hive) for the broadcast Italia 1, in an Italian TV series “LOVE ME LICIA” (35 episodes).
1987 - He performed the same number of episodes for the 2nd season of “LOVE ME LICIA”, where he was becoming very popular.
1988 - He played the character of Gabriele in the TV fiction "DON TONINO" (6 episodes of 100 minutes) working with Gigi sammarchi , Andrea Roncato and Vanessa Gravina on Italia 1 again. 1989/90 - He performed in the 2nd season of "DON TONINO 2" (8 episodes of 100 minutes), but it is on Canale 5 this time. In this fiction, the character that Manuel played was completely different from “MATT”. In this case, he was able to demonstrate his acting skills some comedy scenes and some dramatic scenes. He has received positive reviews from press and is well received by the fans: both children and adults. He received many fan letters.
1990 - For NUOVA FONIT CETRA RECORDS, he recorded 2 single records with the hits "IL MONDO SIAMO NOI" and “UNA DONNA DA POCO” (Gold disc) which he performed in the “NUOVO CANTAGIRO FESTIVAL” (on RAI 2). He was the guest on a lot of important TV shows such as Raffaella Carra’s Tv show “Ricomincio da due” (on RAI 2), “Gibly” (on RAI 2), “Domenica in” (on RAI 1), Sabato al circo (on Canale 5), Super classifica show (Italia 1), and more.
On 23 December 1990 Manuel D. was invited to the Campidoglio in Rome where he was awarded the “Oscar dei giovani 1990” as the discovery of the year as an actor/singer.
1991 - He completed his military service from September 1990 to September 1991.
1992/93 - He played the role, Marco, in the TV series "LA RÖDA LA GIRA", on TSI 1 (Swiss television).
Manuel composed many popular jingles for TV and radio commercials (MTV Italy, TAMAGOTCHY, PUSH POP, POLARETTI, Tanya, TIFOSOTTI, and more).
1995 - He organized, presented various theatre shows, (among the others he presented in 1995 the show " Quelli di domani", together with the model Cannelle, on stage of the TEATRO NAZIONALE of Milan).
1997 - In January he was awarded the “TOKYMEKY 97” prize of the Japanese anime festival in Milan.
1998 - He composed and arranged the theme for “TOKYMEKY 98”.
1999 - He composed and arranged the song "A PAOLA "and he performed it with Milan children choir.
2000 - He recorded a new pop dance single "QUE CALOR" (in spanglish) .
He collaborated with many italian singers, producers and songwriters like Ivana Spagna,Toto Cutugno, Piero Cassano, Andrea Lo Vecchio e Popi Minellono.
2001 - He composed, arranged and performed a soundtrack for a new musical TV serie “BALLET”. He was the guest on the Swiss TV show “COMPAGNIA BELLA” (on TSI 1) and he performed the theme of “Ballet”.
2002/03 - Manuel has a lot of collaborations with many great American producers and artists : PABLO MANAVELLO, BILL CHAMPLIN of the legendary band Chicago, MARTHA CANCEL, ANTHONY FEDOROV, BERNADETTE O’REILLY, ARIZTIA, BILL CANTOS, CARLO GARGIONI and worldwide publishing like PEER MUSIC MIAMI.
2004 - Manuel is music guest in a few the popular Canadian-Italian channel TLN TELELATINO NETWORK.
Was guest at gala in U.N. PLAZA party (United Nation plaza).
2006 - He left SIAE (Italy) after 22 years and became a BMI (USA) songwriter.
In the same year produce and arranged the debut album of the Italian singer Tony Amodio.
2007/08 - Manuel produces the Bee Hive Reunion project and composed and arranged the new single "Don't say goodbye".
In the summer 2008 Bee Hive start the Reunion Italian tour.
2009 - He produced and arranged the new second album of Tony Amodio in Italian and Spanish were he also composed 4 songs, and one "Dove sei"-"Donde Estas" is the first single to get on the Radios.
Still in 2009 Manuel produced and arranged the song "Til You Believe" that he wrote with one legend of the music: Bill Champlin (voice and Keyboardist of the legendary band Chicago). Bill and Tamara Champlin decided also to record the song as a singers in a duet.
In 2010 Manuel hosts MISS ITALIA USA in Sausalito, California.
In 2011 He goes back with Bee Hive in a sold out reunion tour around Italy from north to south.
Since 2012 Manuel is back in producing and composing Music for TV and focusing in his solo's career.