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Maple Summers

Bold, bright, soft, magical. Maple Summers brings black girl magic to everything she touches. And there is something certainly special about touch—how it combines with sound to create something the soul will crave. Music.

And she has been playing music for a long time. Ever since she was dragged, quite reluctantly, to the piano at the tender age of 6, she has been playing music, though it took her some time to fall in love with the making of it. She doesn’t do too well with rules or structure. Being an artist is about breaking the rules, isn’t it?

At 11, she picked up the viola, loving that it had a deeper sound than the violin and fewer people played it, so that meant that it needed more musicians to learn it and love it for its beautiful, unique sound. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that violas are on a different clef from the two (clefs) she’d already had to learn from playing piano (treble and bass). She dreaded having to learn a third.

But, with perseverance, she slayed that alto clef and went on to join the orchestra in middle and high school learning not only classical music, but more contemporary tunes, like the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. A lot of inspiration has been drawn from listening to and studying the great composers of the 21st century, and she hopes to become one of them soon.

Though she did begin taking gospel piano lessons during high school, she never quite learned to play by ear which drove her away from playing piano for church choirs. She never did shake her love for gospel music. There is something in it that stirs, bittersweet, deep within her when she plays it. She cannot let that feeling go. It is a part of her.
Summers started playing African drums regularly during college for a dance accompaniment class and became very fond of the doumbek, which is a seemingly impossible to find drum, with a deep, reverberating sound that shakes the very room.

For now, she is still searching for the perfect doumbek, carved lovingly of wood, and experimenting with new sounds as she gets back to composing on the piano, writing novels, and praying that she becomes a vampire so that she can have an eternity to finish all of the things that possess her.